Speaking truth to power

Posted by on January 8, 2006

Veterans are stepping up because their Congressional Delegations wont. It’s a sad fact of 2006 America that those we elect to REPRESENT US in DC and at the state level stay strangely silent when our military is attacked.

Over the past couple days I’ve read about Sgt Mark Seavey and General Wagner wanting some answers from Representatives Murtha and Moran and dressing them down in the process. Now I read about Smash taking on Representative Bob Filner. Can’t wait to see the video or the rest of the transcript(HINT SMASH!!)

Meanwhile REAL military supporters in the House and Senate stay strangely silent. Is it because there ARE NO REAL MILITARY SUPPORTERS in Congress? I seriously doubt that. Why is it then that our military folks are having to take up this fight? One thing is certain. Our military folks will win this fight like they have won every other fight they have taken on. Congress be damned.

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2 Responses to “Speaking truth to power”

  1. The Debate Link Says:

    Conditions of Victory

    Here is why I’ll never join the anti-war movement (abbreviated version here). At a forum hosted by Representative Bob Filner (D-CA), “Citizen Smash”, AKA the Indepundit, asking the anti-war congressman about victory in Iraq. Specifically, he inquire…

  2. Chairborne Stranger Says:

    Thanks for the link, and your words.
    I know a bit about 155s, and fire direction!

    Appreciate all your support, friend.

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