Republican Scandal

Posted by on January 10, 2006

Rich Lowry is alittle kinder than I am on this one. I have kicked this around for a few days. Reading alittle bit here and there and trying to avoid the hyper partisan rantings on both sides.

One of the things that kills me about this is the Republican folks out there that are screaming, “Yeah? Well Democrats are in this mess as well!!!”. That just drives me nuts. Do we CARE if the Democrats are involved? NO! By and large this is a Republican scandal and that’s just the fact…get over the partisan ranting and look into the party for the guilty and prepare the political gallows. Let’s show the other parties that we are SEVERE in our punishment for such activity. Lowry is on the right track with this :

Republicans must take the scandal seriously and work to clean up in its wake. The first step was the permanent ouster of Tom DeLay as House Republican majority leader, a recognition that he is unfit to lead as long as he is underneath the Abramoff cloud. The behavior of the right in this matter contrasts sharply with the left’s lickspittle loyalty to Bill Clinton, whose maintenance in power many liberals put above any of their principles. Next, Republicans will have to show they can again embrace the spirit of reform that swept them to power in 1994.

I was STUNNED that Clinton’s cabinet came out in lockstep with him after he admitted he lied to us, and thus to the Grand Jury. When people at that level of government do NOTHING to condemn that behavior there is something very VERY wrong. The House impeached Clinton and his entire Cabinet by extension because not a single one of them came out forcifully against his behavior. I was expecting resignations but I got a Pep rally. And to think I voted for him twice.

For me to look upon this scandal any differently would be intellectually dishonest. Clinton was impeached for perjury and later acquitted by the Senate…but he still lied to the American people and that is something he will never out live. The members who are embroilled in this mess should carry the same stigma in all it’s muck and mire. ANY Conservative who looks past Republicans in Congress involved with Abramoff’s illegal activities are flat out lieing to themselves and ignoring their Conservative principles…end of discussion.

Notice, I said ILLEGAL activities. At the moment it is legal for Lobbyists to donate to campaigns. It is illegal for Lobbyists to bribe members directly. I don’t know the law concerning this and suspect said law to be pretty byzantine. I’ll have to trust the courts to get this right and the details will come out. When they do I fully expect every serious Conservative to hold republican and democrat alike accountable for their activities. For those found to be involved in illegal activity or even border line sleazy behavior(consult the Law According to Pilgrim for that definition) we shall try them, convict them, and put them in a very small cell with a special “friend” named “Billy Bob” for a Very. Long. Time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is WE who have to be at the front of this. The boneheads in Washington will protect themselves but they can’t ignore US. Do we want this kind of behavior? Will we stand for this abuse? Will we continue to allow it because “it’s the way things are and we can’t change it”? I say no…not just no but HELL NO.

Mr. Miniter of the OpinionJournal puts it best I think:

…Or as President Reagan noted in his farewell address in 1989, the American people won all of his victories in Congress with every call they made and every letter they wrote “demanding action.” The people have the power to move Capitol Hill, if they are willing to exercise it.

Friends, it’s time to move Capitol Hill.

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