SMASH, the verb?

Posted by on January 12, 2006

Yeah, I’m thinking so. SMASH has now “smashed” two Congressmen with the question of Victory or Defeat in Iraq with very different results. First it was
California Congressmen Filner in a live setting. Filner’s response was…well…somewhat difficult to understand:

FILNER: Well, I mean, first of all, let me say I don’t, I don’t want to be seen as a defender of the previous regime, but that was, I think, the previous regime.

(nervous laughter)

FILNER: Why did we go in? You know, that’s what Saddam claimed to have, right? You’ve got to add some human rights to that, so…

SMASH: Sure, yeah, representative —

FILNER: No, see, you, what you have done, is what I just talked about. That, how the President has gotten away with framing the issue. You framed the issue as “success or failure.” And obviously, if you’re “failure,” you’re a — you’re a jerk, right?

So, can anyone explain to me what he said here? Perhaps it’s different in the audio. Nope. Like a deer caught in headlights, he is rhetorically stunned and unable to form a coherent thought.

This unresponsive response shows either a) he wasn’t expecting this kind of question or b) he hadn’t thought through his Pro-Terrorist message poorly wrapped in an Anti-Bush rant.

Now then, for the second example of our new verb, Smash “smashed” Georgia Congressman Kingston. This time it was via teleconference. Okay, so it wasn’t planned but like any good Squid Smash was quick on his sea legs and hit Congressmen Kingston with the same question he asked Filner.

KINGSTON: Oh, well listen — I am absolutely behind the military in Iraq. I was there a month ago. Early, early yesterday morning — 3 a.m. — I greeted about 250 troops, who were returning to Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, including the general of the Third Infantry, General Webster.

And, you know, when you talk to these soldiers in person, and when you go to Iraq in person — and I don’t know if Filner has, or not — it’s just a totally different story than what you see on CNN. There’s great military progress, that we’ve made. Sixty percent of Iraq, right now, is under Iraqi Security Forces control. There’s 216 thousand soldiers in their troops, and every day there’s more.

Ya gotta read the rest. Here’s a man who didn’t “hmmm” and “haw” all over himself. He stated his answer clearly and logically.

I’ll be looking to put the same question to my Congressional representatives and Senators at the first opportunity and I suggest you do the same. Go here to find your Congressional folks’ contact information. Track them down and ask them this question. Let’s “smash” them all so we have a clear tally, unobstructed by cameras and peer pressure politics(like the Murtha vote in the house soon after he made his first remarks).

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