Religion of Peace…or something

Posted by on February 6, 2006

It has become a bit of satirical humor to call Islam the “religion of peace”. Some have even gone as far as to call it the “religion of pieces”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, until the “good” Muslims begin to get loud and proud, ALL Muslims will be painted with the broad brush of ignorant, intolerant, violent, extremists who are either supporting terrorism or are actively involved with the acts themselves.

Last week the Danish cartoons broke in the national media. The blogosphere has been talking about them for a while…proving once again that WE are the ones determining news and the MSM just hangs on our coattails. The “Islam Street” erupted into fits of firebombs, threats, and riots. The pictures from these “demonstrations” are enough to make the most hardened person cringe, cry, and vomit. This from the “religion of peace”.

I do not think it’s appropriate to go out of one’s way to offend the sensibilities of another’s religion. However, when the deed is done, the offended shouldn’t then call for the beheading of the offender, burn down his country’s embassies and those of the allies of said country, and certainly don’t teach your children that outright slaughter is the appropriate response. I’ve been waiting for the more moderate reasonable Muslims in the world to come out with a more reasonable response…ANYTHING except riots, firebombs, and children wrapped in barbarians slogans. When Andres Serrano released the NEA funded despicable “artwork” Piss Christ was released the American “Christian street” erupted. Not in firebombs and riots but with rhetoric. We called for the end of the NEA…not of Mr. Serrano. We called for the boycott of the work…not the destruction of the work. We were moved to screams in prayer…not screams of vengeance. I have to wonder why American Christians are consistently labelled as “Extremists” yet the best the world can muster about the Danish cartoons is “Row
It’s been a week and there’s been nothing in the news from the “moderate” Muslims.

Maybe that’s the problem. The newsies aren’t interested in anything but the “bubble headed bleached blond” telling us of the “plane crash with a gleam in her eye” because “it’s interesting when people die”. What would be more newsworthy than a group of devout Muslims calling their brethren to the carpet for such infantile behavior?

That is unless the the “religion of peace” isn’t that at all.テつ Perhaps the “religion of peace” is more about destroying anyone who may have something even slightly derogatory to say about their “prophet”.テつ Perhaps the “religion of peace” is just a blood thirsty bunch of barbarians masquerading under the veil of “religion”.

I’m with Steven at Vodkapundit.テつ If they, the barbarians masquerading under the veil of “religion”, want a war…then we’ll give them one.テつ But not with rocks, firebombs, and IEDs…no no…that’s not how you obliterate a cultural threat.テつ Go read his piece for the correct approach.

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