Cartoon Wars

Posted by on February 7, 2006

The Face of Mohammed blog is keeping track of how the countries of the world are responding to the Danish Cartoons.

Amazing isn’t it? Well…okay the map is showing nothing that we didn’t expect already. What is truely amazing is this post by sbrant on the unfortunate reality of “Today”. It seems that 12 Cartoons have done more to solidify the players on the War on Terror than 4000 dead ever could.

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3 Responses to “Cartoon Wars”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    When I saw those ragheads beating themselves, I was kind of hoping I could offer them my 6-cell Maglite so they could beat themselves more effectively.

    Islammunists need to grow up and confront their own hypocrisy. Their newspapers regularly portray Christians and Jews in less-than-flattering terms. Muslims don’t seem to give a shi’ite about that. Then they get all huffy when a newspaper publishes some less-than-flattering depictions of Mohammed, who in reality was a child rapist.

    Oh the horrors.

  2. gulcan Says:

    Everyone should have respect for others religions, but it seems that there is a severe act taken agains the muslims. In history has there every been such an act towards non-muslims by muslims? Of course no!…people should think why? First of all it is known by all,”ones who don’t no listen!!!” muhammed’s face has never been known by anyone due to his state of present.
    It is really awfull to see and read such stupid things about ones who have great volume in history and for the ones in the present time that respect that history that hurts them. Everyone who has respect for themselves should have respect for others and their beliefs. I as a Turkish-american and muslim look at all these actions with disgust. No man such as Hz. Muhammed may be respected if he had been a malester or rapist. This is crap. Ones who say this should think about what they say before they say this and put themselves in others sides.

  3. pilgrim Says:

    Gulcan –

    I certianly appreciate the outrage Muslims must feel at this heresy. Probably just as much outrage as we Christians feel when we see our Holy Symbols defiled. The apparent HUGE difference is that we don’t call for the heads of the offenders, we don’t burn down their property, and we certainly don’t tell them their “9/11 is coming”.

    I am tolerant of Muslims. You have every right…in fact a God Given Right to worship how and whatever you see fit. I believe deeply that the people who are doing the burning, threatening, and pillaging have to be the minority in your religion just as the murderers of doctors who perform abortions are the distinct minority of my Faith. Both MUST be condemned publicly and loudly. No apology for their hurt feelings because their actions are so over the top that they cannot possibly excuse them.

    American Christians have had the Salem Witch trials, the Klu Klux Klan, and now the idiots who kill doctors and we have dealt with each group loudly and publicly. Why can’t muslims do the same?

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