Freedom of Expression

Posted by on February 13, 2006

I’ve always loved watching people express themselves. I was in High School at the hieght of the “punk” craze and it was amazing the the stuff people did to express themselves. Spiked hair, ink, the beginnings of what has come to be known as “body mods”. Amazing stuff.

Artists are by their very nature expressive people. God Bless them for what they do…especially the visual art types. The things people can dream up in their heads and then somehow translate into something visual amazes me. Some folks get all bent out of shape about some works of art. Piss Christ(forgive me for not linking, search this blog for the title and you’ll find it) didn’t do anything for me personally and in fact I found it pretty offensive. But…it was the artist’s way of expressing his opinion of the Christian Faith. I don’t care for it but I respect his right to express himself.

Back in September some cartoon artists in Denmark expressed themselves concerning the Mohammed theme. For several months very little was said about it beyond a few blogs. In the past couple of weeks the “muslim street” tried to destroy itself over the “blasphemy”. Westerners were, and are, appalled at the violence, deaths, and acts of war resulting from the “outrage”. Westerners screamed about the “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Expression” of the Denmark cartoonists. I happen to agree with them…being a “westerner” I guess it’s in my blood. It’s clearly not in the blood of the “muslim street”…heaven knows we’ve seen enough of it.

Here’s a test for those supporters of “Freedom of Expression” out there. Check out Giuseppe Veneziano’s latest.

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One Response to “Freedom of Expression”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    The only issue with Serrano’s Piss Christ was that it was funded with tax dollars. I’m all for artists producing whatever they want, but I see no reason to fund the arts with public monies. Artists should be subject to basic economics, just like other professionals.

    As for the Arab Street, they need to understand that respect is a two-way street. Their newspapers regularly skewer Christians and Jews, and yet the Muslim constituency gives nary a damn.

    They demand respect for themselves that they have yet to provide to anyone else.

    As long as they cheer for terrorists and provide moral and material support for Islammunists, then they will remain ragheads and goat-lovers.

    And if they don’t like that, then they can take it up with my friends: Heckler and Koch.

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