I need a new Cluebat…mine just broke…

Posted by on March 6, 2006

An article from Thursday’s Computerworld talked about the Breach Notification Laws and when companies need to …well…notify.

“Paul Rubin, a former director at the Federal Trade Commission and a professor of economics and law at Emory University in Atlanta, argued that a more targeted notification standard is required because only about 2% of breach victims actually become victims of fraud and ID theft. In the vast majority of cases, there’s no evidence to show that breached information is being misused, he said.”

Ummm…so the fact the information was BREACHED and most probably GATHERED…it wasn’t MISUSED???テつ Can someone explain to me how that works exactly?テつ If I BREACH the bank’s vault, the money that I find in there would probably be considered MISUSED whether or not I GATHERED it.

Also, what time frame is this guy talking about? Is there a threshold for when that information becomes stale?テつ Let’s take a mythical online learning organization who’s global.asa was “breached” exposing the database’s READONLY password.テつ This mythical organization has no idea if the data was gathered or not.テつ So…how long does it take for the student records held in the database to become “unfit for victimization”?テつ I’m left to wonder if Dr. Rubin’s comment was taken a bit out of context or maybe he is just this clueless.テつ Dr. Rubin, here’s your daily whack from my well worn Cluebat.テつ When someone’s private information is exposed, the “life” of that information is determined by the body temperature of the individual who owns it.テつ As long as said body temp is in the high 90’s and beyond, that information is still viable I don’t care if it’s 2% of what was breached or 100% of what was breached.テつ For the good Professor to claim that “2% of breach victims actually become victims” implies that the “victims” data has since become stale…and that’s hogwash as long as the “victim” is still breathing.

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