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Possible Barbarian Activity very soon

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Something tells me that something big is in the works from the barbarians. We’ve had 3 video tapes this past week and tomorrow is May 1st, the traditional Communist holiday(which should really irritate the Pagans out there). Steve Emerson, of the Counterterrorism Blog, seems to think this is a potential tip off for the barbarians to attack somewhere.

It’s been a while since a major attack on the west…what, since the London bombings? Dunno…keep your powder dry.

Perhaps an attempt on Musharraf? Zawahiri seemed to be obsessed with him in his rant.

May Day “Boycott”

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Tomorrow will be a media frenzy as the criminals attempt to “shutdown” several US cities. Yeah, they are criminals. They violated US laws to enter our country. Over a year ago I wrote this. The same still holds true except now the criminals are doing us the favor of gathering together for us. Should make it simple enough right?

Why doesn’t someone with some authority in these matters, as I surely do not, why don’t they setup an ICE booth right smack dab in the middle of these “parade” routes with the same paperwork these people SHOULD HAVE completed at a LEGAL port of entry. Right there in the middle of the “parade” route we offer them the ability to get legal.

At the end of the “parade route” we have crates full of zip ties and several of the HUGE army tents of old. If they didn’t queue up at the table in the middle of the route then surely they have no intention of becoming legal immigrants. Arrest them, cuff them, and toss them into the new tent city to await immediate deportation. If anyone resists this arrest, then we consider them invaders. Any physical assault on the ICE agents will be regarded as an act of war and we just shoot the bastards on site. Harsh? Absolutely! Almost as harsh as a 12 million man invasion of a soveriegn country don’t you think?

Okay fine, we don’t shoot them but we certainly don’t concern ourselves with that whole “civil rights” crap being rammed down our throats either. Because I demand that our laws are followed does NOT make me a racist, Conrad. The thought that these people can flagrantly celebrate their illegal actions frustrates me to no end. Who has the authority to arrest these criminals? If no one, then we are all in a world of hurt.

Here’s a thought, if these “demonstrations” occur in your city, call the police on them. They have violated the law right? As a LEGAL citizen of the USA, it’s my civic duty to place that call isn’t it?

What a world we live in where criminals can hold demonstrations in the streets of our largest cities and the FRIGGIN POLICE ARE EXPECTED TO PROTECT THEM!

United 93

Friday, April 28th, 2006

I knew that I had to see this movie when I saw the first trailer. It was the first time I was in a cinema for well over a year. It’s not a boycott so much as a “don’t give a crap” factor. Most stuff coming out of Hollyweird doesn’t merit the celluloid to print the final cut. This one, however, was different.

The argument has been made that it’s too soon, that the movie is too gory, even that the movie portrays the barbarians too harshly. All of this is total garbage. For some, especially those who lost loved ones on 9/11, I can understand the “too soon” argument but the movie isn’t any more gory than an episode of the Sopranos and the barbarians cannot be treated harshly enough.

The movie is quite different than what we are used to. No main characters that you follow and get to know. No stupid subplots. No product placement that I noticed anyway. Paul Greengrass simply placed you in the middle of the action without comment. It was like being a ghost in the middle of this bizarre situation. We remember what was happening at that time so vividly and this movie brings it all back again. We want to shout at the screen instructions, news updates, etc. But we can’t stop the inevitable.

I think this movie should be required viewing for everyone. It shows the spirit of Americans in the heat of an utterly unmanageable crisis. It shows the fear in the faces of the people about to attack the barbarians. It shows the courage which accompanies fear in the hearts of heros. It shows the true evil of the barbarians we face. It reminds us of the war we are fighting and the ultimate end should we choose not to fight it.

Just Enlisted! You should too!

Friday, April 28th, 2006

101st Fightin' Keyboardists

Image courtesy of Freedomdogs and idea courtesy of Captain Ed and FrankJ at IMAO

Paradigms and effects

Friday, April 28th, 2006

This week I had the “privilege” of attending a Conference. In most places being tapped to go to a conference is a good thing and employees relish the opportunity, where I work it is no different. Unfortunately I’m not the type of person that relishes what others relish. For me, if I don’t GAIN something from a conference then it’s an utter waste of my time and why should I pay for it? Better yet, why should I ask the tax payers to pay for it? I’ll spare the rest of the rant as it’s not what I’m writing about.

At this conference there was an awards ceremony for some of the seriously awesome projects that have been completed. Great things for the Commonwealth have been accomplished through technology and those projects deserve recognition…along with those who worked on them. THAT, dear reader, is where a difference in paradigm comes in. The Senior Executives, who the conference was really targetting, gave the awards to the other Senior Executives of the respective departments who worked on the projects. Some words were tossed around about the “dedicated staff” and “talented programmers” and I’m sure they were sincere but seemed to be perfunctory as well. The cynical side of me(some would just say “me”) was left to wonder what the purpose of this was. In my over-reactive rage at this waste of my day I was heard to exclaim something about “self congratulatory mass masturbation”. Dunno where the phrase came from but it fit. A bunch of people with “C” in their alpha titles feeling real good about themselves…THEMSELVES…not the worker bees that made it happen in the first place.

The Senior Executives missed the fact that us worker bees define their success. By ignoring our efforts, and that is how such behavior is percieved, the suits are doing nothing to engender more dedication and support.

I fear we are seeing the same thing out of the White House and I worry for the longevity of Tony Snow as the new Press Secretary. The President has done a fabulous job in the War on Terror. Liberating 50 million people isn’t anything to sneeze at. Liberating 50 million people in alittle over 3 years is breath taking. The Foreign Policy side of the house is in order, it’s the domestic policy that is struggling.

It seems that one of two things are happening here, either the President is listening to people so far out of the mainstream(ie Beltway folks) that they don’t understand or care to understand what is going on out here in “fly over” country or he’s listening to his political advisors and, for some reason, worrying over polls. In today’s political climate, that isn’t something that a successful Republican can get away with. We, the base of the Conservative movement and largely Republicans, can smell that coming a mile away. The President must have missed that paradigm shift that took place in 92 and finally settled into normalcy in 2000. The Conservative movement out here will not stand for certain things. We will rise up and shut it down. We aren’t married to politicians, we are married to ideals and we expect politicians that we support to support those ideals and work toward them. Harriet Myers anyone? Port deal anyone? Oh sure, Schumer and that bunch came out against the Dubai deal as well but the President had to expect that. What he didn’t expect was the groundswell of opposition from the conservative base. THAT is what killed the deal. It may well kill any prospects for a Republican president in 08 as well.

Who do we have in DC right now that represents principled leadership on domestic affairs? Apparently it’s not the President. It’s certainly not limp-spined Senate Majority “leader” Frist. Speaker Hastert couldn’t find his arse with both hands and a map. Who in leadership over there is speaking up for Conservative ideals? No one except the new Press Secretary. Why? Because they fail to grasp the sea change that has taken place in the base. They missed the paradigm shift. Tony Snow was part of that paradigm shift and when forced to show public support for something he is principally against, I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned.
Now the Conservative Movement is it’s own political voice thanks to the new media. We honor our leaders but those leaders MUST respect the ideals that gave them that leadership role. It’s not about them…it *IS* about what they profess to believe in. When they turn away from those ideals for the sake of political advantage or expediency we will come down on them like a ton of bricks. We’ve seen it happen during this second term of the Bush Presidency and we will most certainly see it again on the immigration debate if President Bush continues with his amnesty proposals.
Here’s hoping the Congressional candidates recognize the shift and are working hard in their districts to show true faith to conservative ideals. I haven’t been following the elections because Kentucky’s seats are not up this year…but even if they were I don’t see anyone out there in the Conservative movement that is stepping up to the plate. Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell is as close as we get. Conservatives need to make their voices heard this off election cycle. If you don’t like what’s out there…VOTE ANYWAY. There’s always some local election you need to vote on. If you want to make a statement, don’t vote for candidates you disagree with. The numbers will speak for themselves.

The bottom line is, just like the conference I attended this week, when you neglect to recognize your core constituency, said constituency gets irritated and your overall effectiveness drops. The modern democrat party is impotent. All they want to do is “get back at those wascallwy Wepubwicans” by impeaching President Bush. They care little about anything else. If they regain the House and/or the Senate they will have little time to actually pull something like that off even if there was clear evidence warranting such an action, which there isn’t. Right now, regardless of who controls Congress, nothing of any substance is going to get done. If there was a time, the time is now to make the Republican party elites realize that the Conservative movement will not tolerate such insolence from our elected officials.

Immigrants and Illegals

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Today I was once again called a Racist.テつ The last time wasn’t so much a verbal labelling as an implied labelling.テつ A Legal Immigrant who worked her way through school achieving a PhD in Library Science and now serving in a senior technical position for a “University” told me she had corrected herself about me by thinking, “Well, I know how he is”.テつ I had mistakenly referred to one individual(an ethnic Indian) by the name of another individual(an ethnic Pakistani).テつ She told me her thought process which was, “He thinks that just because their names are different to him he thinks they’re all the same”.テつ Well, honey, you were wrong…and revealed your own ignorance in the process.

The lad who did the labelling today is just as bad.テつ He is a native of this Country but holds dual citizenship with Britain.テつ He labelled me “racist” because of my immigration position.テつ Fancy that!テつ Because I respect the laws of my country I’m a racist!テつ Huh…テつ Guess I should find some white sheets now.テつ Wonder if I’m related to Robert Byrd…hmmm…

Since I am one of the resident Racists, can someone help me understand myself?

1) When did the illegal immigration issue become a race issue? テつ Which
rightwing nutjob first stepped on his crank and started that? テつ I’m
certain that leftwing saints out there would never play the race card

2) Since when does respecting my country’s laws make me a racist? テつ If
I *STOP* respecting my country’s laws would I stop being a racist? テつ It
would surely fix my financial problems.

3) and finally, what gives Central American folks the right to demand
something that LEGAL IMMIGRANTS from the same region have to struggle for?

what have we come to?

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

How soon we forget, and that’s exactly what has happened.テつ Have we forgotten already the feeling of helplessness as the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center?テつ What about the rage when we heard of the Shanksville Pennsylvania crash?テつ What about the horror of the Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl videos?テつ Have we all forgotten these things?

Daniel Simmons piece from earlier this week, while fiction, paints a very interesting picture and echos a sentiment I’ve held since before the dust settled at Ground Zero. Damn the leftists, peaceniks, and political opportunists(elected or not).テつ Let’s find the enemy and kill them.テつ Screw “civil liberties” in places like Iraq.テつ Shut the country down.テつ Establish curfews requiring papers to go to and from one’s home.テつ No papers? Instant imprisonment until such proof of citizenship may be obtained.テつ New York Crimes publishing lies about our military?(and don’t say they haven’t) shutdown the rag.

Yeah, I’ve had it.テつ Not with the war..oh on…THAT needs to continue.テつ What doesn’t need to continue is the unanswered attacks from the enemy within our gates.テつ That enemy(NYT, Left wing Democrat party, “moderate” Republicans willing to sell our security for a few votes) must be defeated and driven out of public life.テつ They serve not their country, their constituents, nor their families by supporting the larger enemy.

If we are serious about winning this war we MUST be far more brutal with this enemy(both foreign and domestic).

The rhetorical war stateside must be joined.テつ For far too long we have allowed the domestic enemies to frame the debate.テつ We must stop this.テつ We must stick with the fight.テつ No matter how many times we must repeat the same facts…repeat them.テつ Those facts are our ammunition.

For the shooting war, we must start showing the barbarians we are just as brutal as they are.テつ We take no more prisoners and house them at Chez Uncle Sam.テつ No.テつ Interrogate them, skin them alive, and hang them from the light poles from Baghdad to Fallujah.テつ No. More. Nice. War.

Catching up a bit…

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

As my buddy Singlemind points out, my blog is a bit behind the times. There’s a couple reasons for that really. First, I’ve been busy doing things that pay for the mortgage and don’t have time to spend pontificatin’ on…well…that leads me to point two and shows that I’m now finding time to pontificate.

What is there really to blog about? I suppose the only SERIOUS news of late is today’s news that Iran has tested a super torpedo of sorts. Aside from that what is there really? A hostage released in Iraq? Yeah, one reporter was released and actually recanted some of the things she had said while still in Iraq. Surprise? No. Newsworthy? To her family certainly but to the rest of us? not so much. How about Senator Feingold’s Censure “movement”? Why is that news really? Do we not expect such garbage from that side of the aisle? Oh but wait! He actually said “impeachment” too! Come on people, if those people didn’t think the Secret Service would be all over them they would be calling for the President’s head on a pike.

There really hasn’t been much news on the National scene lately worthy of comment. I’ve grown tired of the ranting and raving from the barbarian sympathizers in the Democrat party. I’ve grown tired of the President’s seeming unwillingness to meet them head on and destroy their ideas..well…if they HAD ideas. He has come along way with the series of speeches over the past couple weeks but still…it’s been 6 years and he’s just now coming out swinging? Come on Mr. President! Govern like you have a pair!

Here in Kentucky there has been some interesting stuff going on in the Legislature but no one seems to care. HB175 was supposed to setup privacy protection similiar in spirit to the California laws requiring custodians of information to inform individuals if that information was exposed. HB175 was killed in committee and I don’t remember seeing a single line written in any of the fishwraps or Trainwreck television and radio reports. The Governor continues to be under investigation for influence peddling through the State Government hiring scheme…and the only one that seems to care that much is the Attorney General who will when the Governor’s Mansion when he drops the real bomb.

I guess, like Froggy, I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Unlike Froggy, I didn’t waste my time posting something about it. That could be because my “readership” is no where near the size of…well…any size. 沽