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Posted by on April 2, 2006

As my buddy Singlemind points out, my blog is a bit behind the times. There’s a couple reasons for that really. First, I’ve been busy doing things that pay for the mortgage and don’t have time to spend pontificatin’ on…well…that leads me to point two and shows that I’m now finding time to pontificate.

What is there really to blog about? I suppose the only SERIOUS news of late is today’s news that Iran has tested a super torpedo of sorts. Aside from that what is there really? A hostage released in Iraq? Yeah, one reporter was released and actually recanted some of the things she had said while still in Iraq. Surprise? No. Newsworthy? To her family certainly but to the rest of us? not so much. How about Senator Feingold’s Censure “movement”? Why is that news really? Do we not expect such garbage from that side of the aisle? Oh but wait! He actually said “impeachment” too! Come on people, if those people didn’t think the Secret Service would be all over them they would be calling for the President’s head on a pike.

There really hasn’t been much news on the National scene lately worthy of comment. I’ve grown tired of the ranting and raving from the barbarian sympathizers in the Democrat party. I’ve grown tired of the President’s seeming unwillingness to meet them head on and destroy their ideas..well…if they HAD ideas. He has come along way with the series of speeches over the past couple weeks but still…it’s been 6 years and he’s just now coming out swinging? Come on Mr. President! Govern like you have a pair!

Here in Kentucky there has been some interesting stuff going on in the Legislature but no one seems to care. HB175 was supposed to setup privacy protection similiar in spirit to the California laws requiring custodians of information to inform individuals if that information was exposed. HB175 was killed in committee and I don’t remember seeing a single line written in any of the fishwraps or Trainwreck television and radio reports. The Governor continues to be under investigation for influence peddling through the State Government hiring scheme…and the only one that seems to care that much is the Attorney General who will when the Governor’s Mansion when he drops the real bomb.

I guess, like Froggy, I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Unlike Froggy, I didn’t waste my time posting something about it. That could be because my “readership” is no where near the size of…well…any size. 😉

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