what have we come to?

Posted by on April 12, 2006

How soon we forget, and that’s exactly what has happened.テつ Have we forgotten already the feeling of helplessness as the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center?テつ What about the rage when we heard of the Shanksville Pennsylvania crash?テつ What about the horror of the Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl videos?テつ Have we all forgotten these things?

Daniel Simmons piece from earlier this week, while fiction, paints a very interesting picture and echos a sentiment I’ve held since before the dust settled at Ground Zero. Damn the leftists, peaceniks, and political opportunists(elected or not).テつ Let’s find the enemy and kill them.テつ Screw “civil liberties” in places like Iraq.テつ Shut the country down.テつ Establish curfews requiring papers to go to and from one’s home.テつ No papers? Instant imprisonment until such proof of citizenship may be obtained.テつ New York Crimes publishing lies about our military?(and don’t say they haven’t) shutdown the rag.

Yeah, I’ve had it.テつ Not with the war..oh on…THAT needs to continue.テつ What doesn’t need to continue is the unanswered attacks from the enemy within our gates.テつ That enemy(NYT, Left wing Democrat party, “moderate” Republicans willing to sell our security for a few votes) must be defeated and driven out of public life.テつ They serve not their country, their constituents, nor their families by supporting the larger enemy.

If we are serious about winning this war we MUST be far more brutal with this enemy(both foreign and domestic).

The rhetorical war stateside must be joined.テつ For far too long we have allowed the domestic enemies to frame the debate.テつ We must stop this.テつ We must stick with the fight.テつ No matter how many times we must repeat the same facts…repeat them.テつ Those facts are our ammunition.

For the shooting war, we must start showing the barbarians we are just as brutal as they are.テつ We take no more prisoners and house them at Chez Uncle Sam.テつ No.テつ Interrogate them, skin them alive, and hang them from the light poles from Baghdad to Fallujah.テつ No. More. Nice. War.

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3 Responses to “what have we come to?”

  1. Da' King Rat Says:

    Or…we can find ways to make our enemies not our enemies. What would Jesus do?

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Well, Mr. Rat, like we’ve talked in the past, you go down that road and I’ll be right behind you with much large firepower. when they whip out their swords to lop off your head I’ll ventilate them for you.

  3. SingleMind Says:

    I agree. It is a war, we need to fight it like it’s a war. Our enemy’s style is not unprecedented; the Japanese fought much the same way.

    The caveat: the Japs needed two nukes before the war finally ended. The ragheads might require something along those lines.

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