United 93

Posted by on April 28, 2006

I knew that I had to see this movie when I saw the first trailer. It was the first time I was in a cinema for well over a year. It’s not a boycott so much as a “don’t give a crap” factor. Most stuff coming out of Hollyweird doesn’t merit the celluloid to print the final cut. This one, however, was different.

The argument has been made that it’s too soon, that the movie is too gory, even that the movie portrays the barbarians too harshly. All of this is total garbage. For some, especially those who lost loved ones on 9/11, I can understand the “too soon” argument but the movie isn’t any more gory than an episode of the Sopranos and the barbarians cannot be treated harshly enough.

The movie is quite different than what we are used to. No main characters that you follow and get to know. No stupid subplots. No product placement that I noticed anyway. Paul Greengrass simply placed you in the middle of the action without comment. It was like being a ghost in the middle of this bizarre situation. We remember what was happening at that time so vividly and this movie brings it all back again. We want to shout at the screen instructions, news updates, etc. But we can’t stop the inevitable.

I think this movie should be required viewing for everyone. It shows the spirit of Americans in the heat of an utterly unmanageable crisis. It shows the fear in the faces of the people about to attack the barbarians. It shows the courage which accompanies fear in the hearts of heros. It shows the true evil of the barbarians we face. It reminds us of the war we are fighting and the ultimate end should we choose not to fight it.

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  1. SingleMind Says:

    Too soon, my ass. Hollywood got this one right.

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