May Day “Boycott”

Posted by on April 30, 2006

Tomorrow will be a media frenzy as the criminals attempt to “shutdown” several US cities. Yeah, they are criminals. They violated US laws to enter our country. Over a year ago I wrote this. The same still holds true except now the criminals are doing us the favor of gathering together for us. Should make it simple enough right?

Why doesn’t someone with some authority in these matters, as I surely do not, why don’t they setup an ICE booth right smack dab in the middle of these “parade” routes with the same paperwork these people SHOULD HAVE completed at a LEGAL port of entry. Right there in the middle of the “parade” route we offer them the ability to get legal.

At the end of the “parade route” we have crates full of zip ties and several of the HUGE army tents of old. If they didn’t queue up at the table in the middle of the route then surely they have no intention of becoming legal immigrants. Arrest them, cuff them, and toss them into the new tent city to await immediate deportation. If anyone resists this arrest, then we consider them invaders. Any physical assault on the ICE agents will be regarded as an act of war and we just shoot the bastards on site. Harsh? Absolutely! Almost as harsh as a 12 million man invasion of a soveriegn country don’t you think?

Okay fine, we don’t shoot them but we certainly don’t concern ourselves with that whole “civil rights” crap being rammed down our throats either. Because I demand that our laws are followed does NOT make me a racist, Conrad. The thought that these people can flagrantly celebrate their illegal actions frustrates me to no end. Who has the authority to arrest these criminals? If no one, then we are all in a world of hurt.

Here’s a thought, if these “demonstrations” occur in your city, call the police on them. They have violated the law right? As a LEGAL citizen of the USA, it’s my civic duty to place that call isn’t it?

What a world we live in where criminals can hold demonstrations in the streets of our largest cities and the FRIGGIN POLICE ARE EXPECTED TO PROTECT THEM!

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3 Responses to “May Day “Boycott””

  1. Jaxebad Says:

    It’s not against the law to protest. Many of the protestors are in fact legal residents or citizens themselves who believe in the cause.


  2. pilgrim Says:

    It’s not against the law to demonstrate…that’s true. However, if you are illegally in the country and are peacefully demonstrating you can still be arrested for being here illegally right?

    If I rob a bank and the escape in my car obeying all the traffic laws…does that mean they can’t arrest me for robbing the bank?

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