Return of the Shah!

Posted by on May 1, 2006

Over at Human Events Online they are reporting that Son of Shah is plotting a “regime change” thingy. Why am I more than slightly suspect of this grand plan? Let’s look at this…

  1. Mr. Pahlavi currently lives in the US. Yeah yeah so he has the freedom to move around but I don’t think his welcoming party in Tehran will be a friendly one
  2. His Revolutionary Guard buddies are probably now being beaten to bloody pulps
  3. All manner of “activists” are probably being asked politely to “just wait against this wall…never mind those men with guns…”
  4. and lastly, we all know how well “civil disobedience” will go over in Tehran

Now this leads to another, more interesting question…is this some kind of “feeler” operation? Hmmm…we certainly do live in interesting times.

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One Response to “Return of the Shah!”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    The U.S. had better leave this idea the hell alone. Let the Iranians pursue their own regime change.

    If we screw with the process by installing the son of Shah, it will be a (bleeping) disaster.

    How do you think we got stuck with the Assahola Khomeini?

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