Ole Moose Gets Life

Posted by on May 3, 2006

It’s off to Supermax for you pal! I read the full story over on Hot Air and posted the following as a comment. Re-read it and liked it so I put it up here too. 😉

I was torn from the git go on this barbarian. Strap him in “ole sparky” and it would be all barbarian, all the time on Al-Jazeera as the death watch approached. If it’s on Al-Jazeera you know it would be wall to wall ABCNBCCBSCNNFOXMSNBC-LMNOP as they “monitored the arab-street”. That coverage might actually bump the latest debutante that missed curfew!

If you put him in for life, we don’t get the satisfaction of knowing he’s met his “72 virgins” and is now wondering, “What’s with all the scales and horns darlin’?”

Shooter is dead on tho. Supermax isn’t going to be a fun place for Ole Moose. Unfortunately there will be no Dahmer reprise either. As far as Ole Moose is concerned he’ll be the only one there except for the guard(hopefully a woman but it won’t happen) that escorts him to his playpen for 1hr a day.

Bottom line: this is the best possible outcome considering the trial location and the initial mistake of allowing this waste of flesh access to our AMERICAN Constitution. It’s not the WORLD’S Constitution folks. The rights expressed in there are OURS and definately not for the barbarians…or the illegal invaders..er..aliens..er..what was it Katie told me to say…oh yeah “undocumented workers”…yeah that’s it.

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3 Responses to “Ole Moose Gets Life”

  1. Joel Esler Says:

    Yeah, I’m glad they didn’t kill him. Make him a Marytr. It’s what he wanted. Now we’ll send to him Florence, CO, and let his ass rot with the guy that bombed the WTC the first time, and the Unabomber.

  2. SingleMind Says:

    Make the bastard listen to Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion 24/7, and–when he acts up–let him listen to the Star Spangled Banner.

    Also, whenever we kill a terrorist–here or overseas–we should post pictures of them (scattered body parts and all) in his cell.

    Topping that off, we should put him on a strict “pork-only” diet.

  3. Achillea Says:

    While I have no problem with capital punishment, a long slow rot in Supermax is even better in this case. The guy’s young and can molder for a half century or more.

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