Governor Fletcher must resign.

Posted by on May 12, 2006

Well folks, here we are.テつ Yesterday the Grand Jury indicted our Governor on several misdemeanors including discrimination.テつ While these charges may not be enough to impeach him(that’s a political decision that is currently left to Jody Richards to decide) it is certainly enough to render him ineffective and, frankly, obsolete.

Fletcher’s mistakes started on day one with the forced retirements and flat out terminations of many in the Governor’s Office simply because he wanted to wipe the slate clean.テつ What he failed to realize then, and probably still to this day, is the loss of those people meant the loss of 30 years or so of executive office experience.テつ The he compounded all this by attempting to manipulate the merit system by hiring only politically favorable individuals to key posts.テつ This is a long and storied tradition in Kentucky but Fletcher’s mistake was that he wrote it all down.

His fatal mistake was something I’ve ranted about often in the past.テつ He failed to realize the political climate his administration would serve under.テつ The National scene is as fractured as it’s been in probably 150 years and the State scene is just marginally better…a slim margin.テつ He simply HAD to know that political opportunists like Greg Stumbo would be gunning for him.テつ Mr. Stumbo did just that on a SERIOUS and VERY REAL issue of the Governor’s own making.テつ Governor Fletcher’s response was that he had done nothing that other Governor’s of Kentucky hadn’t done already.テつ As I’ve said before, Governor, it’s about the appearance of impropriety.テつ Be transparent.テつ You’ve been opaque.

Nice knowing you as Governor Ernie.テつ If you have respect for the office you will resign your office and soon.テつ As if my opinion of you mattered I will give you a one week deadline.テつ This will give you the opportunity to feel out the political winds, give it “careful consideration”, and then you will do the right thing for the Republican Party of Kentucky, the Office of The Governor, and the Commonwealth at large by resigning your office.

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2 Responses to “Governor Fletcher must resign.”

  1. King Rat Says:

    Ahhh…Kentucky politics. As I’m always fond of saying, nothing changes, no matter what party is in charge. The only difference between the two parties is which Peter they rob to pay their Pauls.

    I don’t think Ernie should resign. He’s just carrying on a long tradition in Kentucky politics. Besides, where would I get my feelings of smugness of being superior over the opposing party? 泗

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