Judge Murtha Speaks!

Posted by on May 18, 2006

We don’t need no stinkin’ NCIS investigation!テつ No need to trouble the poor people in Haditha!テつ No reason at all to talk with the Marines in question.テつ No no no…just let Congressman Judge Murtha pronounce guilt and let’s hang’em!

November 19th of last year saw an IED attack on a group of Marines in Haditha Iraq resulting in the death of one of those Marines, a bunch of barbarians(who’s counting anymore), and 15 civilians.テつ NCIS(Naval Criminal Investigative Service) started an investigation after Time magazine interviewed some of the families in Haditha who claim the Marines killed the civilians outright and not as part of the firefight that erupted after the IED detonation.
Bravo for the investigation!テつ テつ If these Marines lost their minds and went about violating the Rules of War then nail them to the wall.テつ BUT…let’s wait for the investigation to tell us something first.テつ Judge Murtha has no right to jump into the fray right now by declaring these Marines guilty of War Crimes.テつ He hasn’t even read the report from NCIS:

Murtha’s comments were the first on-the-record remarks by a U.S. official characterizing the findings of military investigators looking into the Nov. 19 incident. Murtha, the ranking Democrat on the Defense Appropriations subcommittee and an opponent of Bush administration policy in Iraq, said he hadn’t read the report but had learned about its findings from military commanders and other sources.

Those “military commanders” are doing no justice to these Marines either and by commenting to Murtha, if this actually occurred, they are interferring in the investigation.テつ As for the “other sources”…we all love “other sources”.テつ That’s like the neighbor hood kid’s girlfriend in that far away city.テつ Let’s hear it Judge Murtha…tell us about your girlfriend.

This guy is a real winner.テつ If these Marines are found innocent of any wrong doing will we hear a formal apology to Chris Matthews?テつ Of course not.テつ Murtha, with respect to his own military experience, is now just another “domestic enemy” these Marines swore to defend the Constitution against.

Again, if these Marines did in fact violate the Rules of War then we deal with them as harshly as the UCMJ allows.テつ Right now…that’s an “if” because we just don’t know.テつ Even if they are found guilty of this horrible act it doesn’t mean Murtha is right in speaking out now.テつ He’s a disgrace to the uniform he once wore.

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