Louisiana and New Orleans

Posted by on May 21, 2006

Mayor Nagan is still Mayor Nagin. What more can be said about that? Well, I could write up something about my thoughts on the matter but why go through the trouble when Will Collier, posting at Vodkapundit, takes care of it for me! Just a snippet:

Now it’s time for them to choose again. I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but what the heck, I’ll speak for myself and we’ll see who agrees.

Here’s the deal, Louisiana. We’re going to help you. We really are. You are our neighbors and our countrymen and our friends, and we love you today as much as we ever did, in spite of and in no small part thanks to all the weirdness and flaws down your way. It’s hard to see it from where you are, but we’re helping you now, in our slow and ponderous way. We’re not going to let it end like this.

now…go read the whole thing. It’s DEAD. ON.

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