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Kentucky State Government blocks access to some blogs

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Notably, who has been very critical of the Fletcher Administration because of the Merit System scandal. I haven’t been exactly friendly to this administration either because of the same scandal and my blog is no long accessible within the state’s network.

The geeks tell people they blocked blogs and newsgroups based on a list provided by the company who made their content management/monitoring system. If that’s the case then they need to dump that product because the BIG political blogs out there are not blocked. Sites like Instapundit, Daily Kos, and Andrew Sullivan were accessible as of yesterday while Michelle Malkin,, and lil ole me are blocked. How exactly I ended up in the same block rule as Michelle I’ll never know…I’ll just enjoy the company for a while.

If you can read this then you can head over to BGR for all their details. They are filing FOIA requests for the discussion that led to this implementation of “the list”. As friendly as Fletcher has become with email, I’m all but certain we will see this reveal one of two things:

1) Fletcher either ordering, or ignoring the spectre of, censorship of certain sites based on political content. If this is the case he has to go. Before, I wanted him to resign because of the indictment. It was the right thing to do. Now, if this proves to be a censorship thing, he has to be thrown from office. His behavior is unbecoming a Kentucky Governor or even a Kentuckian.

2) Total and complete incompetence in the implementation of a policy designed to limit the availability of “time sinks” to employees. Networks are not democratic things and they cannot be run by committee. Policies are necessary dictating what users can and cannot do. If this proves the case then someone else has to go…we’ll find out who in due time.

April 26 Hamdania incident

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Seven Marines and one Navy Corpsman were charged today with Murder under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The charge is that on April 26th they killed an Iraqi civilian with malice aforethought. A Marine JAG type(whatever they are called in the Marines) said the charge closely mirrored 1st Degree Murder in civil law and there was strong evidence to support the charge.

Up until this past week these Marines and Corpsman were in shackles in the Brig. After some public outrage the irons were removed. Time to put them back on I guess. The UCMJ is a slow machine but it is also VERY methodical. If these guys were charged then things look pretty bleak for them. They still await Courts Martial and therefore stand on the innocent side of the charge. If they are proven Guilty of this incident these guys SHOULD BE EXECUTED.

We do not want people wearing the Uniform of American Military personnell who are capable of this outrageous behavior. They are not Marines, Sailors, Airmen, or Soldiers, they are scum and deserve the cost of the rounds necessary to end their worthless existence. All of the above is true *IF* they are found guilty of this heinous charge.
The Domestic Enemies of America(no Bryce…not all liberals by any stretch. Just those of any political flavor who wish ill on America.) will rejoice in this news. I would bet that the New York Crimes will have this story above the fold on page one…possibly bumping the WMD story. While I agree it is newsworthy and should be reported, the tenor of their story will attempt to portray all of our troops in the same light. I’d almost bet my check on it.

The lovely Mrs. Malkin has more on the accused here. Lots of links to websites setup for the accussed and their pleas for donations to their defense funds. I support donating to their defense because we want them to have a fair and well defended trial. If they are acquitted of the charge or found guilty, their families will have to deal with the legal bills and that won’t be exactly fair on the families. If these guys did this why should their families have to suffer that financial burden along with the grief and utter shame as well?

WMD in Iraq

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Tonight Peter Hoekstra and Rick Santorum announced that US forces have recovered at least 500 “weapons”, probably artillery and rockets\missiles, in Iraq since May of 2004.

I have long contended that we had found WMD in Iraq early on but some folks have dumped on that fact because “one artillery shell is not a stockpile(mustard gas shell found in May of 2004)” or “precursor binary agents could be in any chemical plant”(Sarin gas precursor agents found in well protected bunkers in April of 2003). Well, now we have 500 or so artillery rounds filled with chemical weapons.

500 of anything would be considered a stockpile by any reasonable person. 500 Chemical Artillery rounds is a couple stockpiles.

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters says:

Some will claim that the release is strictly for political purposes. They may have a point, but I doubt it will have anything to do with domestic politics. If Bush wanted to use it for that, he would have done so in October 2004 and not in June 2006. This information changes the picture about our pre-war intelligence in time for the Iranian confrontation — and I suspect that the White House wants to declassify it in order to convince European leaders that our intel actually paid off.

I think Ed is dead on. The President has stated repeatedly he doesn’t govern by Polls. He doesn’t give a wit about his “favorability” scores. This President is a leader and is led by his principles. I’m certain that he wasn’t interested in opening up this can of worms in the US National debate again. But by showing that, in fact, his intel(and that of the rest of the modern world) was correct prior to invading Iraq, he might just gain some credibility with certain members of the diplomatic community as we apply the screws to Iran and Korea.

Gingrich may run in ’08

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

WaPo reporting that Newt might run in ’08 of a leading contender doesn’t emerge by next year. I keep hearing about George Allen but he isn’t stepping up just yet. Frist and McCain are jokes and I’m not sure there is anyone else in the wings. Allen seems to be pretty conservative socially but that’s not what we need right now. We need someone who understands that wanton spending in Congress will kill us, that the barbarians will certainly kill us, and that you must meet the domestic enemies of America on the field(that is the airwaves) when they print, report, or broadcast outrageous statements.テつ The current crop of Republicans just don’t get this.テつ Newt get’s it dead on here:

“We have a choice between those who are failing to deliver and those who are unthinkable,” he said, adding that he would put “even money” on the Democrats taking back the House this fall. “Neither party currently is where the country is.”

Gingrich has his personal problems and there was a day when I said I would never vote for him. Looking at what is sitting in the wings on the Dem side versus what the Reps have lined up and I’m left to wonder, are there any Conservatives left in Washington. That’s what it’s going to take. We MUST have a hardcore Conservative across the spectrum. With the Democrat leadership that’s out there, there is no compromise unless we are willing to compromise our core principles. I, for one, do not want to see that happen.

So, it’s gonna be “RUN NEWT RUN” if the Conservatives don’t trot someone else to the front.


Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Allahpundit at HotAir posts this pic captured from FauxNews:

Is it unethical to celebrate the death of a monster?テつ WHAT!?!?1テつ Was there a national day of mourning when Hitler killed himself?テつ What about Jim Jones and the Ghana Koolaid thing?テつ We MOURN the victims of these people but celebrate their deaths.テつ OF COURSE we celebrate the deaths(preferably violent deaths) of monsters like this and for anyone to say or question to the contrary is just heartless for the victims.

Allahpundit is right, this is the dopey question of the day.

Zarqawi: “Hey honey, what’s with the attitude and all these scales?”

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Yesterday the United States Military ended the rather worthless life of Abu Zarqawi. His brother is now saying that ole Abu is a martyr. So I guess he’s sitting in what he believes to be paradise right about now and wondering if the marketing was wrong or perhaps he took a wrong turn in Pergatory.

Those 77 virgins are hardly what he expected. They may well be virgins but they surely ain’t as pretty as he thought they might be.

As Froggy says, good riddance, Bitch!

I’m sure more is to come here but this is a great day for the Iraqi people and all freedom loving people around the world. The barbarians in Iraq have to be more than alittle shaken by this. Sure, another head will grow on this Hydra but we’ve proven we can take deal with them. Line up boys, take a number and wait your turn. Your time is coming.

UPDATE: Reuters is quoting an ABCNEWS source stating:

“Zarqawi was apparently injured at first… The Americans found him. They handed him over to the Iraqis and he later died of his injuries,”

What a pity eh? Alittle Iraqi justice for ya there barbarian. I’m sure they treated your wounds real well. “How about alittle sand in that wound pal…” Heh. I love the “later died of his injuries” part. Hmmm…which injuries? The injuries from the bombing or the several hundred 7.62mm holes in him from after the bombings.

Snide Update: That Reuters report makes me wonder if we’ll be hearing about how inhumane the Iraqi police were toward this barbarian. How long will it take before the Domestic Enemies of America are lamenting the “alleged” lack of proper medical care afforded Zarqawi? You know it’s coming. Maybe we should send condolence cards to Ex-Marine Murtha.
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Deadman Walking

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Lt. Ehren Watada has decided to resist what he considers to be an illegal war in Iraq. What he fails to understand is that simply declaring a war Illegal doesn’t make it so. No US Court has made such a judgement and until they do, his order to deploy to Iraq is a LAWFUL order. By disobeying a direct order he is guilty of , at best going Absent Without Leave, and at worst violating Article 94, section 1 of the UCMJ or the Mutiny and Sedition laws. The penalty for that can be death.

Officers are generally held to a higher standard of conduct in the Military regardless of the branch(yeah Hendo, even the Air Force). Pablo Paredes refused to board his ship, the USS Bonhomme Richard, for deployment to southwest Asia. He was convicted of what amounts to a misdemeanor and kicked out of the Navy. I seriously doubt the Army is going to be as easy on a Commissioned Officer. Let alone an Officer who worked in conjunction with other people for the detriment of the service. That’s called Mutiny in any branch of the Military.

This letter from Smash is applicable with Lt. Watada as it was with Mr. Paredes.テつ Michelle Malkin has much more coverage.

May God have mercy on this misguided soul because the United States Army will not.

Where to begin…

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

Today was the day of Stupid at the office. Had new security installed on several doors, staff saw fit to try and sidestep it, executives LAUGHED AT IT. That’s fine folks…wait till someone angry with us comes in with a weapon and just waltzs through those bypassed locks. Had a contractor take some production environments offline in the middle of the day, no explanation, no pre-warning, no response when we asked why…then I find out that we are actually considering reupping the contract. Submitted a helpdesk ticket to our enterprise domain folks…got a response an hour later asking who they should send it to. YOU ARE THE FRIGGIN HELP DESK! **sigh**

So, I’m frustrated already when I read about IED. Not “Improvised Explosive Devices”…no no…those I know about and have lost friends to them. Hate them. That’s not what IED means to some boneheaded shrink apparently. It seems that I can now lose control of my temper, bash in a few skulls, shoot up the neighborhood, and then blame it on the latest mental defect, Intermittent Explosive Disorder. My grade school teachers absolutely MUST be either spinning in their graves or thinking, “Geesh…that kid who grew up to be Pilgrim has an excuse now!”. What kind of tripe is this? Do people honestly believe that we are no better than the animals we eat? No different than the pack of dogs that stop to take time to hump anything that moves? People we have FREE WILL and a CONSCIENCE! We control our emotions or at least we should. To label a tantrum as a mental defect is absolutely nuts. Does my 3 year old niece have IED? She has sudden angry outbursts all the time, usually just after her mother telling her “No!”. I’ve witnessed some biofeedback, which the DSM IV claims to be effective, applied to my niece in the guise of an open hand to her bottom. That usually ends the period of “episodic dyscontrol”.

Since Biofeedback is effective, I recommend we all prepare for the, soon to be, inevitable encounter with a poor IED afflicted soul. We prepare by becoming well versed in biofeedback through the use of blunt instruments of self defense. I like walking canes myself but baseball bats are good as well. Tonya Harding has suggested lead pipes. My buddy over at is always prepared with his precious H&K .45acp. Now THAT is a definately cure for IED.

Good heavens, what’s next…