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Allahpundit at HotAir posts this pic captured from FauxNews:

Is it unethical to celebrate the death of a monster?テつ WHAT!?!?1テつ Was there a national day of mourning when Hitler killed himself?テつ What about Jim Jones and the Ghana Koolaid thing?テつ We MOURN the victims of these people but celebrate their deaths.テつ OF COURSE we celebrate the deaths(preferably violent deaths) of monsters like this and for anyone to say or question to the contrary is just heartless for the victims.

Allahpundit is right, this is the dopey question of the day.

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3 Responses to “WTF!?!?!?”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    These f-ing bastards know what they can do with their “ethics”. Maureen Dowd practically has orgasms every time one of our troops dies.

    As for me, Zarqawi can enjoy eternity with his 72 Virginians. I hope he enjoys getting a pitchfork up his ass.

  2. blackflag Says:

    Virginians? You wouldnt be browsing the “Arfcom” forums would you 沽

  3. SingleMind Says:

    Not sure where I got that term. I’ve heard various people–including Warwick of 3nailsministries–and Tammy Bruce. I kinda liked it. 沽

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