Zarqawi: “Hey honey, what’s with the attitude and all these scales?”

Posted by on June 8, 2006

Yesterday the United States Military ended the rather worthless life of Abu Zarqawi. His brother is now saying that ole Abu is a martyr. So I guess he’s sitting in what he believes to be paradise right about now and wondering if the marketing was wrong or perhaps he took a wrong turn in Pergatory.

Those 77 virgins are hardly what he expected. They may well be virgins but they surely ain’t as pretty as he thought they might be.

As Froggy says, good riddance, Bitch!

I’m sure more is to come here but this is a great day for the Iraqi people and all freedom loving people around the world. The barbarians in Iraq have to be more than alittle shaken by this. Sure, another head will grow on this Hydra but we’ve proven we can take deal with them. Line up boys, take a number and wait your turn. Your time is coming.

UPDATE: Reuters is quoting an ABCNEWS source stating:

“Zarqawi was apparently injured at first… The Americans found him. They handed him over to the Iraqis and he later died of his injuries,”

What a pity eh? Alittle Iraqi justice for ya there barbarian. I’m sure they treated your wounds real well. “How about alittle sand in that wound pal…” Heh. I love the “later died of his injuries” part. Hmmm…which injuries? The injuries from the bombing or the several hundred 7.62mm holes in him from after the bombings.

Snide Update: That Reuters report makes me wonder if we’ll be hearing about how inhumane the Iraqi police were toward this barbarian. How long will it take before the Domestic Enemies of America are lamenting the “alleged” lack of proper medical care afforded Zarqawi? You know it’s coming. Maybe we should send condolence cards to Ex-Marine Murtha.
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One Response to “Zarqawi: “Hey honey, what’s with the attitude and all these scales?””

  1. Gh0st Says:

    Had to add this: ;o) I think he is getting what he deserves in very way possible ;o)

    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi died and went to the pearly gates. St. Peter said, “Okay, just wait here a minute.” He went inside heaven and in a minute George Washington and James Madison walked out. They asked, “Are you Al-Zarqawi?” He said yes. Washington kicked him in the gut and Madison busted him in the teeth. They then walked back inside heaven.

    Al-Zarqawi staggered to his feet. When he looked up, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe walked out and asked, “Are you Al-Zarqawi?” He gasped, “Yes.” Jefferson gave him a right cross to the jaw and Monroe then grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face down into his knee. They then walked back into heaven.

    Al-Zarqawi slowly pulled himself onto his knees, gasping for air and bleeding. As he looked up, he saw President John Tyler coming out of heaven, rolling up his sleeves. Al-Zarqawi held up a hand and pleaded, “Wait! Please! No more! Tell me, I beg of you, what in the world is going on?”

    President Tyler said, “It’s the heavenly reward God warned you about if you attacked America — you would die and be surrounded by 70 Virginians.”

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