April 26 Hamdania incident

Posted by on June 21, 2006

Seven Marines and one Navy Corpsman were charged today with Murder under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The charge is that on April 26th they killed an Iraqi civilian with malice aforethought. A Marine JAG type(whatever they are called in the Marines) said the charge closely mirrored 1st Degree Murder in civil law and there was strong evidence to support the charge.

Up until this past week these Marines and Corpsman were in shackles in the Brig. After some public outrage the irons were removed. Time to put them back on I guess. The UCMJ is a slow machine but it is also VERY methodical. If these guys were charged then things look pretty bleak for them. They still await Courts Martial and therefore stand on the innocent side of the charge. If they are proven Guilty of this incident these guys SHOULD BE EXECUTED.

We do not want people wearing the Uniform of American Military personnell who are capable of this outrageous behavior. They are not Marines, Sailors, Airmen, or Soldiers, they are scum and deserve the cost of the rounds necessary to end their worthless existence. All of the above is true *IF* they are found guilty of this heinous charge.
The Domestic Enemies of America(no Bryce…not all liberals by any stretch. Just those of any political flavor who wish ill on America.) will rejoice in this news. I would bet that the New York Crimes will have this story above the fold on page one…possibly bumping the WMD story. While I agree it is newsworthy and should be reported, the tenor of their story will attempt to portray all of our troops in the same light. I’d almost bet my check on it.

The lovely Mrs. Malkin has more on the accused here. Lots of links to websites setup for the accussed and their pleas for donations to their defense funds. I support donating to their defense because we want them to have a fair and well defended trial. If they are acquitted of the charge or found guilty, their families will have to deal with the legal bills and that won’t be exactly fair on the families. If these guys did this why should their families have to suffer that financial burden along with the grief and utter shame as well?

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