WMD in Iraq

Posted by on June 21, 2006

Tonight Peter Hoekstra and Rick Santorum announced that US forces have recovered at least 500 “weapons”, probably artillery and rockets\missiles, in Iraq since May of 2004.

I have long contended that we had found WMD in Iraq early on but some folks have dumped on that fact because “one artillery shell is not a stockpile(mustard gas shell found in May of 2004)” or “precursor binary agents could be in any chemical plant”(Sarin gas precursor agents found in well protected bunkers in April of 2003). Well, now we have 500 or so artillery rounds filled with chemical weapons.

500 of anything would be considered a stockpile by any reasonable person. 500 Chemical Artillery rounds is a couple stockpiles.

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters says:

Some will claim that the release is strictly for political purposes. They may have a point, but I doubt it will have anything to do with domestic politics. If Bush wanted to use it for that, he would have done so in October 2004 and not in June 2006. This information changes the picture about our pre-war intelligence in time for the Iranian confrontation — and I suspect that the White House wants to declassify it in order to convince European leaders that our intel actually paid off.

I think Ed is dead on. The President has stated repeatedly he doesn’t govern by Polls. He doesn’t give a wit about his “favorability” scores. This President is a leader and is led by his principles. I’m certain that he wasn’t interested in opening up this can of worms in the US National debate again. But by showing that, in fact, his intel(and that of the rest of the modern world) was correct prior to invading Iraq, he might just gain some credibility with certain members of the diplomatic community as we apply the screws to Iran and Korea.

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