Still more proof that the NYCrimes is the enemy

Posted by on July 17, 2006

Over the weekend Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs talked about the NYCrimes new photo slideshow by Joao Silva. The photos show barbarians working their weapons during the periods from July 30 to November 3, 2003, from January 16 till April 1, 2004, from June16 until August 30, 2004, and again from January 18, 2005 until March 31, 2005. So Mr. Silva knew the locations of the barbarians throughout this period and ALLOWED THESE SUB-HUMANS ATTACK AND QUITE PROBABLY KILL OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN! Oh, it’s for his art! Oh, it’s for his expression! Oh, it’s for his pulitzer! Oh, BULL&$|&! It certainly wasn’t for his country. It certainly wasn’t for his patriotism. It certainly wasn’t for Iraq.

Oh, and the NY Crimes paid this barbarian sympathizer to take pictures of these soulless bastards while they shot at our Soldiers and Marines. Mr. Silva did nothing to stop this attack on Americans and I would almost bet my salary that had they stopped he would have encouraged them to carry on because he’s so “incredibly courageous”. Perhaps the barbarians needed alittle “buck up Buckaroo!” chat and our “hero” was just the man for it…as long as he had time to frame his shot first.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this isn’t anti-american behavior I don’t know what is. The NY Crimes is the enemy of my country. Thankfully, for them, their “free press” is protected by the ones in the cross hairs of this sniper.

Joao Silva, Photographer NYCrimes

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