Reality III

Posted by on July 18, 2006

I’ve written before on what Reality is. Basically, it’s the hard facts that we don’t really want to hear or read or experience. The fact we don’t want to face them doesn’t change the fact that it is reality. The best course of action is to face reality with resolve. It appears that the world at large isn’t willing to face the reality that is “the middle east crisis” or terrorism overall. Sadly, it appears now that the Bush Administration doesn’t want to face it either.

The Guardian of London is reporting that the Bush Administration is giving Israel one more week to destroy Hezbollah before weighing in on the “cease fire” side of the debate. One more week isn’t enough time for Israel to complete this particular task let alone hit at the REAL power behind Hezbollah which is Syria(Iran is pretty much beyond Israel’s reach). “One more week” gives Hezbollah a deadline. “One more week” is setting a date for withdrawal. “One more week” is what the “Cut and Run” crowd in the US Congress has been wanting in Iraq. “One more week” isn’t reality.

Reality is welcoming Israel into the Global War on Terror and reminding her neighbors that if they work with her this will all be over sooner. Israel has shown remarkable restraint over the past decade while Palestinians blowup discos, weddings, markets, buses, and restaurants all over the country. They have offered the Palestinians everything they have asked for in exchange for living peacefully with each other. At every turn they have returned to the slaughtering of Israel’s citizens. Hezbollah is no different. Both of them claim their ultimate goal to be the elimination of the “Zionist State”. The only concession they will take is if the entire country follows the lead of those in the fortress Masada. That is reality. Allow Hezbollah to return to their Masters(Syria and Iran) to regroup and refit and we will walk down this same path sooner rather than later. The objective SHOULD be to encourage Israel to continue on with their operations. Encourage the civilized people of Lebanon and Syria to join in the effort to rid their country of barbarians. Press on to Damascus and get this mess over with.

It’s going to happen. It HAS to happen if we are serious about this War on Terror.

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One Response to “Reality III”

  1. Achillea Says:

    Given that the source is the Guardian, it should be taken with a very large grain of salt. The paper is a left-wing rag that frequently shows on the most tenuous connection to reality … if that.

    Crushing Hezballah won’t be a cakewalk — they’re a competent fighting force and have had six years to entrench themselves while the joke that is UNFIL looked on. However, I have every confidence that Israel can do it and, given the recent call-up of reserves, sees the need to do it quickly. Ceasefire meddlings aside, Hezballah needs to be discredited by being seen to be defeated quickly and decisively. I suspect Dr. Rice’s arrival is planned to coincide with the start of the aftermath and head off the efforts of the usual suspects to snatch a defeat from the jaws of Israeli victory.

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