Pat Dollard gets it

Posted by on July 21, 2006

Roaming around the net tonight, hitting the usual suspects and what do I find on Blackfive? A post from Froggy telling the world about Pat Dollard’s adventures in Iraq. Mr. Dollard is a Hollywood Talent Agent, or something along those lines, who decided to go see what the war was about…on his own dime. I’ve always thought THESE are the people you need to read, watch, or listen to to find out what’s really going on over there. Michael Yon, Bill Roggio (other Roggio sources), Michael Fumento, and now Pat Dollard. If anyone reading this knows of others PLEASE leave me a comment with the links. These guys are reporting the real news while the legacy media keeps trying to just lose the war.
Mr. Dollard served with a bunch of Marines in three of the hottest areas in Iraq; Fallujah, The Triangle of Death, and Ramadi. Through it all he carried a camera and took some amazing videos. Go. Watch. LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT PAT HAS DUBBED THE GREATEST PEOPLE OF THEIR GENERATION.

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