More talk of cease-fires…geesh…

Posted by on July 30, 2006

The civilized world has gone to long without a real war.  We watched as Bosnia, Ruanda, and now Sudan devolve into genocidal rampages and did absolutely nothing.  I guess it’s okay for a nation state to allow barbarians to slaughter citizens.  There were UN resolutions and even peace keepers sent to Bosnia…they were kept busy finding mass graves.  We have forgotten what it means to stand up to evil and offer it the dish it understands…total and complete annihilation.  Today, in our so very proper Political Correctness, we injure evil and then call a cease fire thus allowing evil to heal itself and continue on it’s merry way.

This morning the IDF struck a building in Qana, Lebanon.  60 dead with about 45 of those being kids.  First, who’s fault is it that those kids died?  Clearly not the children’s fault.  Their parents?  Israel has been bending over backwards to tell the citizenry to get out of Hell’s Way because hell is coming.  There are reports the barbarians are keeping people from leaving…no surprise there.  Allah Pundit is wondering about the timing of the ultimate collapse of the building in question. No surprise there either if it turns out that the barbarians destroyed the building…kids and all.  That is the personification of Evil…someone who would kill a child(let alone 45) for no real purpose.

The barbarians deserve to be destroyed totally.  If the “civilians” are supporting the barbarians then there is no difference between them and the barbarians…kill them.  If the “civilians” were prevented from leaving so as to be used as shields then we mourn their loss but we must kill the barbarians.  No amount of talking is going to save them anyway.  Once their usefulness is through they will be killed or worse.

Mr. President, stop the “cease-fire” garbage and offer all the support the IDF needs.  Cheer them on because they are doing what you obviously aren’t willing to do.  Kill the enemy.  Grow a pair and realize that this is a war for our very survival.  You can’t talk with barbarians.  You can’t deal with them.  Forcing a cease-fire on Israel will only give the barbarians time to heal up.  Kill the enemy.  Subjugate the enemy.  Terrorize the enemy.

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3 Responses to “More talk of cease-fires…geesh…”

  1. Achillea Says:

    I think President Bush does get it, he’s just playing the game the EUniks have taught him — talking about doing something is as good as actually doing it. For the greater part of a month now, Condi’s been shuttling here and shuttling there, talktalktalking. Negotiations in Beruit. Discussions in Jerusalem. Conferences in Rome. Very, very busy. A whole lotta talking. But actual results? Just a big jump in Dr. Rice’s frequent flyer miles. President Bush has declared publically that there must be a ceasefire — just as soon as Hezballah disarms. Which, since Hez will never do so voluntarily, effectively means whenever Israel decides it’s done.

    And the beauty of it is Bush can point to UNR 1559 which requires Hezballah be disarmed. Even sweeter is the fact that Israel lived up to its responsibilities under 1559, fully and completely — and was certified by the EUniks’ sacred UN as having done so.

  2. SingleMind Says:

    Cease fire..schmeesh fire. Let the Israelis kick the shi’ite out of the shi’ites.

  3. Moslem Girl Says:

    Could you read what you have written out loud to yourself in front of a mirror? If you have a child, call her in the room and read it to her; looking right in her eyes. Can you face your own child while you say “let’s kill’em all.” Do you actually hear youırself talking? What are your soldiers doing in this part of the world? Are you all too blind to see? Read soem history. This Bushfire you started will get all of us burnt; so this wolr is after all hell for peaceful sould like us. It perhaps looks like bonfire to you.
    Over on this part of the world, we have children, homes and lives just like you over there. We are human beings just like you; trapped in an inoppurtune moment of history. Please try to remember to “love thy neighbor” just as your God tells you. Our God also tells us to love and not kill. It is the same God after all. So he can’t be telling you to love and us, to kill… Think a little and use your 39 year old heart. You are a human being. Be one for God’s sake! Yours or mine…

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