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Katrina – Grim Anniversary

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

While everyone seems fixated on the pathetic civil leadership resulting in the New Orleans disaster, I want to focus on another devastated area.  South Mississippi, particularly Gulf Port and the coastal areas, were all but wiped out.  We never heard the kind of wailing like what we heard from New Orleans.  We heard the busy chainsaws as the PEOPLE began the recovery process themselves without the help of “Guvmint”.  In Mississippi, the PEOPLE led the way and Governor Barbour jumped in to help them.  In Louisiana it seems the people are waiting for Governor Blanco to lead the way and she has tried to hand off that responsibility to the Feds.  Look at the two situations…who is successful?  Who will be successful?

Pretty little dead girls

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Yeah, I know that’s over the top and I sort of apologize. All we’ve heard for the past couple of days is JonBenet all the time. “BREAKING NEWS!!! Dumb@$s Karr spent his first night in an American Jail last night!”. When Jon Benet Ramsey was killed it was wall to wall coverage for how many months? Did her parents do it? Was it her brother? Maybe Colonel Muster?

Don’t get me wrong here. I truely feel for her parents and bitterly mourn her loss. But I also feel for the parents of the other thousands of little girls killed and bitterly mourn THEIR loss but we will never hear about them. My anger isn’t because I have to endure this news story. It’s because it is over done to the point where it interferes with the investigation of the case AND the newsies treat it like the only tragic murder of a child in the country. If Jon Benet was hideously ugly and came from a trailer park we would have never heard about this story.

That’s not why I’m here today. The real reason will shock some of my handful of readers. There have been other “pretty little girls” that have died recently and like the thousands of children murdered, we haven’t heard a peep about them in the news. They are mere statistics to the newsies.

One brave poster at the Daily Kos did the work of the newsies, honored these proud women, and humbled me because I didn’t.

She concludes her post with these words:

I’d like everyone who has some kind of problem with feminism to look long and hard at the faces of these women and consider the fact that they died for YOU and they were doing a man’s job.

Well said. VERY well said. There are probably very few things that HRH and I would agree on but this…THIS…I only wish I had written it first.

Saying “Thanks”

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Normally I just delete these things but this one…this one is worth it.

Xerox has teamed up with Hallmark I think(although there is no mention of Hallmark on the site or in the DNS entry…the interface looks alot like other Hallmark software) to allow you, gentle reader, to send a thank you to the troops.

You don’t have to be a wordsmith to make this work.  There are a bunch of canned “thank you”s to choose from.  Just go…tell one of them you appreciate them.

Maybe not Conrad…he thinks the war is garden party with a couple marriage disputes.

A REAL Declaration of Independence

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Here in the US we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July. That is the day that we signed a piece of paper absolving our ties with the British Crown. It was a hard day for those who signed that document. As Benjamin Franklin said upon signing the document, “We must all hang together because if we don’t, we shall surely hang seperately”. Many of these men died for their loyalty to their new “family”. THAT is loyalty and love that knows no bounds.

There’s a stronger bond however. That of a mother’s love for her kids. Mothers, whether human or any other animal, are the most violent creatures on the planet when it comes to defending their children. Human mothers have another problem though. They are almost as loyal to the father of their children as they are to their children themselves. Almost.

Should there come an event or a behavior from the father that endangers a mother’s children, the mother is faced with a problem the likes of which I am frankly glad I will never face. The love of a husband, lover, and friend set diametrically opposed to the welfare of her children. To maintain her relationship with the man she loved enough to share children with she must expose their children to a behavior that isn’t “child friendly”. She must make a decision. Many MANY women fail to make the right decision. Only a few extraordinary women and exemplary mothers make the right call.

This one has just made the right call. She has made her Declaration of Independence. God Bless and Protect her during the trials that will surely follow.

You get a Half Horse-Half Gator for this call BTW….this is an honor I don’t just hand out to anyone. 😉 Love you in that Boss/Friend/Platonic kind of way. 😉

For the love of our Children

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Grim at Blackfive brings up the topic we’ve all wrestled with, feared discussing with friends, and weeped over when we see it played out.  It’s included below, in full, for your REQUIRED reading.

You are not going to like this.

On the demonstrable virtues of not caring if children die, on hardening your mind for war, and other things we can no longer avoid discussing.

Beware that you are ready before you pass this seal.

Let us begin with a debate between a peaceful, gentle soul, and me.  The topic could be Israel’s war, or ours in Iraq, or — if they have the heart for it — the one to come.

The gentle soul — how I respect her!  — will begin by pointing out how many innocents have died in the recent wars, and especially the children, who are the most obviously innocent.  She will point out figures for Iraq, for Afghanistan, for Lebanon, and ask:  “How can you justify this?  These poor children, who might have been good men, good women, lain in the cold earth?”

We have all had the conversation that far, have we not?  We are accustomed to reply:  “But the enemy is the one that targets children.  We try our best to avoid hurting children.  That makes us better.  Furthermore, the enemy hides himself among children.  As a result, in spite of our best efforts, sometimes children die on the other side also.  But again, it is not our fault — it is his fault.  He endangers them.”

She replies:  “But how can you justify their deaths?  Regardless of how hard you try, will you not kill them?  Some of them?  Should we not choose peace instead?”

Let us consider that.

What if we asked her, “Let us speculate that our enemy — say in Iran — seeks to kill our children.  If we attack them to stop it, we may or may not kill any of their children — and we will do everything in our power to avoid it.  If we do not, they certainly will kill ours.  Should we attack them or not?”

She will answer:  “That is a false example.  Nothing is certain, and it is said that hard cases make bad law.”

“Fair enough,” we reply, “but where will you find the parent who will sacrifice her children for the possibility of keeping another parent’s child alive?”

“It would be impossible,” she will agree, but add, “However, nothing is that certain.”

“Then let us make it conditional,” I continue.  “Let us say that there is the possibility we shall kill a child — but we shall do our best not to do so — and only the possibility that they will kill our child, but it is their aim.  Now, should we try to stop them — though risking their child?  Or should we refuse, and take the increased risk that they will succeed in their murder, since no one dares disrupt them?”

“It is always wrong to take the risk of killing a child, whether we do it or they do,” she will say.

“Why so?” I ask.

“Because it endangers the innocent,” she replies.

“If that is the reason,” I answer, “then you are wrong.  It is best that we bomb without fear.”

Her eyes grow wide.  “You are mad,” she says.

“Not so,” I answer.  “Consider:  when the enemy seeks to kill our child to motivate us to surrender to his will, is it not because he believes that the danger to the children will move our hearts?”

“It is,” she must agree.

“And when he hides among children,” I add, “why?  Children do little to deflect artillery.  Must it not be because he knows that we — we ourselves — fear for the children, even his children?”

She nods, silently.

“Then it is proven,” I say.  “It is our love of these innocents that endangers them.  If we did not care if children died, they would be in little danger.”

“That cannot be,” she replies in anger.

“But it is so,” I contest.  “If we did not care if our children died, they would not be targets.  There would be no reason to target them, because we would not be moved by their deaths.

“If we did not care if their children died,” I add, “there would be no reason to clutter military emplacements with their presence.  If it were not that we are horrified by the deaths of children, the enemy’s children would be clear of all places of battle — because they are, except for the fact that we love them, a hindrance.”

She bites her lip.

“Of course, we cannot cut out our hearts,” I tell her.  “Nor should we — as we wish to remain men, and good men, rather than monsters.  Yet it is our love that is the chief danger to the innocent now — to our own innocents, and theirs also.”

“What do you suggest?” she demands of me.  “If you will not hate children, if you assert that it is right to love them — but you say we cannot love them, without wrongfully endangering them — what can we do?  Where is the right?”

“It must be,” I tell her sadly, “Here:  That we pursue war without thought of the children.  That we do not turn aside from the death of the innocent, but push on to the conclusion, through all fearful fire.  If we do that, the children will lose their value as hostages, and as targets:  if we love them, we must harden our hearts against their loss.  Ours and theirs.”

“How can that be right?” she wonders.

“It cannot be,” I must say.  “Love should always rise, above war and fear and death.  Love should always be first, and not last, in our hearts.  It should never be that love brings wrong, and disdain brings right.

“And yet,” I say, “It is.  I have shown you that it is.  That means we have moved into a time beyond human wisdom.  We can no longer know the right.  It is beyond us.

“We can only do,” I must warn her, and you.  “We can only do, and pray, that when we are done we may be forgiven.”

Hezbollah – 1, Israel and the Free World – 0

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Dark Days indeed when the world community caves to a bunch of baby killing thugs.  Olmert is almost assuredly to lose his seat as PM.  With 73% of the Israeli people(UPDATE: JPost says support has dropped to 64%)  in favor of this fight, he has ignored that support and told the barbarians that kidnapping his soldiers and lobbing bottle rockets into his towns will only be met with a limited response.

Meanwhile the Brits, God Bless’m, busted what is probably an anniversary attack on them and the US.  So I guess that means there are two countries(three if you include Pakistan’s support in the Brits operation) that are approaching serious about this World War.  Even then you have to wonder because the UN Security Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to give Iran/Hezbolah the victory…that would include The United States and Great Britain.  WTF?  So, are the rules such that we must wait until the attack is imminent or AFTER the attack?  Yeah, let’s keep friggin around with Iran until they get a nuke and THEN wait that long.

I heard a newsie say that an Ideology cannot be beaten with firepower tonight.  That’s certianly true.  BUT, you can kill those that act on that Ideology and hope the others who believe the Ideology will begin to see the error in their ways.  There are still PLENTY of people in the US that hold White Supremist ideology but they have stopped with acting on that ideology because the majority of us aren’t going to put up with it.  The world’s Muslims should take note and tell their barbaric brethren to STFU, Sit down, and be quiet.

The Messiah – done Islamist style

Monday, August 7th, 2006

tblubrd made a comment at Blackfive that had me heading over to Omar’s post at Iraq the Model.  Omar gives us a brief lesson on the whole 12th Imam business.  Now I am very much out of my water here and would appreciate any help in understanding this thing better as I believe the best way to defeat the barbarians is to understand them better.  So…that being said…let’s go.

Sounds like they are a looking for a Messiah much like the Pharisees were looking for a Messiah during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem.  The Pharisees were looking for a warrior Messiah.  He was supposed to come down and destroy the evil Romans and restore God’s rule on the planet.  Well, when some pitiful carpenter showed up on the scene claiming to be said Messiah and actually getting some of the little people to follow him they went alittle nuts.  They trumped up some charges against him, captured him, and thought they had killed him…until the third day.

If the barbarians actually believe they are making the way for their messiah wouldn’t it be a hoot if someone popped up on the scene…perhaps a woman?…that revolutionized the Islamic religion?  Advancing the religion a few thousand years?  Making things a bit more tolerant…you know…where women might could actually…gee I dunno…READ AND WRITE!!??  GASP.  Now now…that was over the line.  I’m speaking only of the barbarians twisted flavor of Islam here and not the majority of peaceful muslims in the world.(surely there are some).

A question for a commenter

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

In my rant the other night on the cease fire garbage being kicked around Moslem girl chimed in. Here’s my response.
Moslem Girl-
you said:
Could you read what you have written out loud to yourself in front of a mirror? If you have a child, call her in the room and read it to her; looking right in her eyes. Can you face your own child while you say “let’s kill’em all.” Do you actually hear youırself talking?

I don’t have kids. I’m quite certain that I could tell me beautiful 6 year old niece that I would rather see the barbarians dead than her “circumsized” and/or beheaded.

Also, understand that I’m not talking about lining up all Muslims…just those who advocated the barbarians particular flavor of “jihad”. It’s real easy to tell the difference…just listen to what people say. “Death to America” is a good place to start.

In short, yeah, I hear what I’m saying and it is certainly necessary. It’s only because the barbarians in our country are either to stupid or scared that we don’t have bombs going off in our malls, theatres, and cafes.

She goes on:


What are your soldiers doing in this part of the world? Are you all too blind to see? Read soem history. This Bushfire you started will get all of us burnt; so this wolr is after all hell for peaceful sould like us. It perhaps looks like bonfire to you.


Well, your IP places you in Turkey so what are our soldiers doing in Turkey? Dunno. I DO know that they have changed a neighbor to your south and for the better. You’ll disagree no doubt and that’s fine. Give it 20 years and we’ll see how the history is written on the matter.

I also know that this war is far from over and honestly, I’m not sure we’ve actually started to fight just yet. Like I said in another post here, as long as allow our policy to be effected by the barbarians sympathetic legacy media we are not fighting the enemy. Moslem Girl, if you do not advocate the enslavement or out right execution of me and my family(that being the western world), then you are not the enemy.

and she continued:

Over on this part of the world, we have children, homes and lives just like you over there. We are human beings just like you; trapped in an inoppurtune moment of history. Please try to remember to “love thy neighbor” just as your God tells you. Our God also tells us to love and not kill. It is the same God after all. So he can’t be telling you to love and us, to kill… Think a little and use your 39 year old heart. You are a human being. Be one for God’s sake! Yours or mine…

I know you have kids, families, and all the other things that define civilized society. Unfortunately, as you stated, we are ALL trapped in an inopportune moment of history. Trapped in a world where a group of individuals demand we eliminate a race of people and then bow down to their flavor of a twisted idea. Time has shown we can’t talk them out of it. So, we can either try a new phrase to talk with them about(and be slaughtered for our efforts) or find them and kill them. This isn’t a political position…it’s REALITY Moslem Girl. If we don’t END THIS THREAT then said threat will take over. What other options might we have? More talk? even while Hebollah fires more missiles into Israel or capturing Israel’s soldiers? Go back to the UN for the upteenth time? even while AlQueda drives more car bombs into buildings all over the world? Cater to the demands of Iran and send them a nuclear reactor for “peaceful uses”? while they send more weapons to Hezbollah and continue to call for the “elimination of the Zionist State”?

See? These people have no regard for life, be it a Turkish life, an American Life, a Socialist life or a Democratic life. They don’t care. hell, they don’t care if it’s a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish life. The bombed a Jordanian wedding, an Egyptian resort(two of them), a Balinisian resort and who knows where else they’ve struck where they didn’t claim credit. I will no longer designate each attack to a particular group. Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Alqueda, it doesn’t matter…they are all the gravest threat the world has seen since Hitler and the Third Riech. They deserve the same end.
So yes Mam…I will use my 39 year old heart and pray for your safety. I will love my neighbors and protect them against all enemies foriegn and domestic. I will continue to call for a “wider war” on Terror because the barbarians ARE at the gates. I don’t know what God thinks about it. I will say that Jesus taught us about loving our neighbors as ourselves and I will…until they try to kill me. Then I have every right to defend myself and I shall. I pray you do as well.

“Hell Yeah!” moments…

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

After I dried my eyes and my heart stopped swelling after the graduation speech at Blackfive, I read Grim’s piece and let out another, “Oh HELL yeah!”.

Grim asks the question, “Where are we going?”

As I see it we have two options…continue with this low intensity fight carefully logically segregated into “the Iraq War”, “Afgan War”, “Israeli-Lebanon Conflict” and end up losing everything or we throw down the gauntlet and get this thing done.

The longer we allow our future and that of our children to be dictated by rancid UN Resolutions and the whims of some “holyman” who wishes the utter destruction of a neighboring country, the closer we get to a nuclear exchange with someone. Whether that is Iran, North Korea, China, or some nutjob out there that managed to get the plans she got off the Internet to work will be completely moot when people are forced to remember the horrors of radiation poisoning.

The longer we allow these rogues to see us waffle everytime the NY Crimes, BBC, or Aljazeera runs a “story” on our “latest atrocity” the weaker we look to them. All of our platitudes like “Our investigation and, if necessary, prosecution of those responsible will show them that we stand by our principles” is utter baby-speak to these people. All they understand is their own twisted version of Jihad.

If it’s Jihad they want, then By God let’s give it to them and do what it takes to give it to them. Draft? Fine. Rationing at home? Fine. Getting my fat 39 year old arse out of this chair and trying to convince my wife not to leave me when I join up? well..I’m gonna talk to her father about it tomorrow.