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Posted by on August 6, 2006

In my rant the other night on the cease fire garbage being kicked around Moslem girl chimed in. Here’s my response.
Moslem Girl-
you said:
Could you read what you have written out loud to yourself in front of a mirror? If you have a child, call her in the room and read it to her; looking right in her eyes. Can you face your own child while you say “let’s kill’em all.” Do you actually hear youırself talking?

I don’t have kids. I’m quite certain that I could tell me beautiful 6 year old niece that I would rather see the barbarians dead than her “circumsized” and/or beheaded.

Also, understand that I’m not talking about lining up all Muslims…just those who advocated the barbarians particular flavor of “jihad”. It’s real easy to tell the difference…just listen to what people say. “Death to America” is a good place to start.

In short, yeah, I hear what I’m saying and it is certainly necessary. It’s only because the barbarians in our country are either to stupid or scared that we don’t have bombs going off in our malls, theatres, and cafes.

She goes on:


What are your soldiers doing in this part of the world? Are you all too blind to see? Read soem history. This Bushfire you started will get all of us burnt; so this wolr is after all hell for peaceful sould like us. It perhaps looks like bonfire to you.


Well, your IP places you in Turkey so what are our soldiers doing in Turkey? Dunno. I DO know that they have changed a neighbor to your south and for the better. You’ll disagree no doubt and that’s fine. Give it 20 years and we’ll see how the history is written on the matter.

I also know that this war is far from over and honestly, I’m not sure we’ve actually started to fight just yet. Like I said in another post here, as long as allow our policy to be effected by the barbarians sympathetic legacy media we are not fighting the enemy. Moslem Girl, if you do not advocate the enslavement or out right execution of me and my family(that being the western world), then you are not the enemy.

and she continued:

Over on this part of the world, we have children, homes and lives just like you over there. We are human beings just like you; trapped in an inoppurtune moment of history. Please try to remember to “love thy neighbor” just as your God tells you. Our God also tells us to love and not kill. It is the same God after all. So he can’t be telling you to love and us, to kill… Think a little and use your 39 year old heart. You are a human being. Be one for God’s sake! Yours or mine…

I know you have kids, families, and all the other things that define civilized society. Unfortunately, as you stated, we are ALL trapped in an inopportune moment of history. Trapped in a world where a group of individuals demand we eliminate a race of people and then bow down to their flavor of a twisted idea. Time has shown we can’t talk them out of it. So, we can either try a new phrase to talk with them about(and be slaughtered for our efforts) or find them and kill them. This isn’t a political position…it’s REALITY Moslem Girl. If we don’t END THIS THREAT then said threat will take over. What other options might we have? More talk? even while Hebollah fires more missiles into Israel or capturing Israel’s soldiers? Go back to the UN for the upteenth time? even while AlQueda drives more car bombs into buildings all over the world? Cater to the demands of Iran and send them a nuclear reactor for “peaceful uses”? while they send more weapons to Hezbollah and continue to call for the “elimination of the Zionist State”?

See? These people have no regard for life, be it a Turkish life, an American Life, a Socialist life or a Democratic life. They don’t care. hell, they don’t care if it’s a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish life. The bombed a Jordanian wedding, an Egyptian resort(two of them), a Balinisian resort and who knows where else they’ve struck where they didn’t claim credit. I will no longer designate each attack to a particular group. Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Alqueda, it doesn’t matter…they are all the gravest threat the world has seen since Hitler and the Third Riech. They deserve the same end.
So yes Mam…I will use my 39 year old heart and pray for your safety. I will love my neighbors and protect them against all enemies foriegn and domestic. I will continue to call for a “wider war” on Terror because the barbarians ARE at the gates. I don’t know what God thinks about it. I will say that Jesus taught us about loving our neighbors as ourselves and I will…until they try to kill me. Then I have every right to defend myself and I shall. I pray you do as well.

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