The Messiah – done Islamist style

Posted by on August 7, 2006

tblubrd made a comment at Blackfive that had me heading over to Omar’s post at Iraq the Model.  Omar gives us a brief lesson on the whole 12th Imam business.  Now I am very much out of my water here and would appreciate any help in understanding this thing better as I believe the best way to defeat the barbarians is to understand them better.  So…that being said…let’s go.

Sounds like they are a looking for a Messiah much like the Pharisees were looking for a Messiah during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem.  The Pharisees were looking for a warrior Messiah.  He was supposed to come down and destroy the evil Romans and restore God’s rule on the planet.  Well, when some pitiful carpenter showed up on the scene claiming to be said Messiah and actually getting some of the little people to follow him they went alittle nuts.  They trumped up some charges against him, captured him, and thought they had killed him…until the third day.

If the barbarians actually believe they are making the way for their messiah wouldn’t it be a hoot if someone popped up on the scene…perhaps a woman?…that revolutionized the Islamic religion?  Advancing the religion a few thousand years?  Making things a bit more tolerant…you know…where women might could actually…gee I dunno…READ AND WRITE!!??  GASP.  Now now…that was over the line.  I’m speaking only of the barbarians twisted flavor of Islam here and not the majority of peaceful muslims in the world.(surely there are some).

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