Hezbollah – 1, Israel and the Free World – 0

Posted by on August 11, 2006

Dark Days indeed when the world community caves to a bunch of baby killing thugs.  Olmert is almost assuredly to lose his seat as PM.  With 73% of the Israeli people(UPDATE: JPost says support has dropped to 64%)  in favor of this fight, he has ignored that support and told the barbarians that kidnapping his soldiers and lobbing bottle rockets into his towns will only be met with a limited response.

Meanwhile the Brits, God Bless’m, busted what is probably an anniversary attack on them and the US.  So I guess that means there are two countries(three if you include Pakistan’s support in the Brits operation) that are approaching serious about this World War.  Even then you have to wonder because the UN Security Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to give Iran/Hezbolah the victory…that would include The United States and Great Britain.  WTF?  So, are the rules such that we must wait until the attack is imminent or AFTER the attack?  Yeah, let’s keep friggin around with Iran until they get a nuke and THEN wait that long.

I heard a newsie say that an Ideology cannot be beaten with firepower tonight.  That’s certianly true.  BUT, you can kill those that act on that Ideology and hope the others who believe the Ideology will begin to see the error in their ways.  There are still PLENTY of people in the US that hold White Supremist ideology but they have stopped with acting on that ideology because the majority of us aren’t going to put up with it.  The world’s Muslims should take note and tell their barbaric brethren to STFU, Sit down, and be quiet.

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