Katrina – Grim Anniversary

Posted by on August 29, 2006

While everyone seems fixated on the pathetic civil leadership resulting in the New Orleans disaster, I want to focus on another devastated area.  South Mississippi, particularly Gulf Port and the coastal areas, were all but wiped out.  We never heard the kind of wailing like what we heard from New Orleans.  We heard the busy chainsaws as the PEOPLE began the recovery process themselves without the help of “Guvmint”.  In Mississippi, the PEOPLE led the way and Governor Barbour jumped in to help them.  In Louisiana it seems the people are waiting for Governor Blanco to lead the way and she has tried to hand off that responsibility to the Feds.  Look at the two situations…who is successful?  Who will be successful?


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One Response to “Katrina – Grim Anniversary”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    You racist, ignorant, intolerant piece of shit! 😉

    Seriously…you are comparing apples with oranges: Mississippi has a real governor. Gulfport is not run by a cartel. They don’t have mayors like Nutbrain Nagin who spend more time making excuses and blaming everyone else and less time finding real solutions.

    People forget about the Galveston disaster, which killed over 8,000 and is still the deadliest hurricane in American history.

    That was before the era of Big Government. The people recovered just fine.

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