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Get the &$#* out of my House!

Friday, September 29th, 2006

UPDATED:  If Hastert and the rest of the House leadership knew about this back last year then they are just as guilty as Pedophile Foley.  What the hell is going on up there?  They scream about President Clinton getting a hummer in the Oval Office and lieing about it but this is Okay?  No, Speaker Hastert, Foley did NOT do the right thing.  He didn’t offer a PUBLIC apology to the boy and his parents.  He didn’t even mention this despicable behavior in his resignation.  YOU, Sir, didn’t do the right thing either by allowing this pedophile to remain in his seat for a year.
This is outrageous. Mr. Foley has disgraced himself, his State, and his Party. He is an unconvicted, uncharged pedophile but a pedophile none the less. He has no business representing anyone let alone the proud people of Florida.

Mr. Foley, don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way home. If you have a thing for little boys then perhaps you need to get some serious help. If you like men, that’s your thing…but leave the kids alone, K? You wanna get some from a man keep driving to Key West and buy some chaps…just get the @#$%! out of my House.

I support the Pope

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Goodness. The Pope seems to have stirred up the Islamic world something terrible by simply quoting something that someone else said a long long time ago. It’s Fatwa time for ole Benny Ratz. Well, this irreverant Protestant stands with the Pope on this thing and those who would wish death on a man for simply stating an opinion can kiss my Christian @$$. I’ve had it…again.

I’ve heard several talking heads say it. Some of them I actually respect. We are in a war of Civilizations. This war may be fought with words and ideas if the barbarians would lay down their bombs but they won’t. So…we meet their bombs with firepower…hopefully.

Unfortunately, the combination of the US Congress and an all too willing NY Crimes means that we will NEVER be able to truely fight this war as it must be waged. Just like 1939, we will wait until the barbarians commit the ultimate act before we respond as we must to win. Hitler moved on Poland. The barbarians led by Iran will drop a nuke somewhere, probably Tel Aviv, and then it’s on. Until then, we will as Singlemind puts it, make War like it’s a sporting event.