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What’s so civil about war anyway?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Wednesday that Iraq’s violence meets the standard of civil war and that if he were heading the State Department now, he might recommend that the administration use that term.

Civil War.  I’ll buy that (if it’s on the sale rack).  The Sunni’s and Shiite’s are killing each other with reckless abandon prodded on by certain barbarians poking the two hornet nests.(tired disclaimer here…not all of these people are barbarians only those who, by their actions, advocate the slaughter of innocents to further their cause).

Milaki either has no will, power, or inclination to stop it.  We have the power to stop it within a couple weeks.  There would be calls for impeachment, assassination, and worse from the far left around the country and the world as sections of Baghdad were levelled by thousands  of JDAMs and rolling armor.  There would be howls of condemnation from Amnesty International, CAIR, and the rest of the far left and the moderates around the country and the world as the head of Sadr was paraded around Baghdad on a pike.  There would be riots in the streets of America when Habeas Corpus was suspended and reporters “frog marched” into prisons for leaking\making up information.

Calls for impeachment, condemnation, and riots later…Baghdad and Iraq would be pacified, our troops would be redeployed to the next battleground, and America would be respected, feared, and hated around the world…just as it is today…just as it was in 1999…just as it was in 1945.

Finish the job.  Fight to win.

On Mandates

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

David Schraub at The Debate Link asks if the Democrats now have a mandate to begin a policy of withdrawal from Iraq. He tosses in some poll numbers that would seem to support the idea. I’ve never been a big fan of polls but I have to say I think the answer to his question is half Yes.

I think America wants some kind of change in Iraq. We, as a country, just don’t seem to have the stomach for any losses during a military operation. It’s the day to day trickle, and at times torrent, of casualties being reported in Iraq that is wearing thin on voters. A friend of mine has said that not one single Iraqi is worth the death of an American soldier. I wonder what he thinks about our liberation of France costing us well over 6,000 US Casualties on D-Day alone. If it’s the butcher’s bill that drives our foreign policy these days then we are surely doomed. If the mounting casualty figures end up driving us from Iraq then UBL was quite correct in that we are a paper tiger. No, I don’t think the electorate is calling for a withdrawal from Iraq so much as a CHANGE in Iraq.

What kind of change is the question. We have two basic options I think, assuming prompt withdrawal isn’t what we want, is to continue our fight but fight to win… or continue on as we’ve been doing.

Fight to win? Yes. Take Mr. Al-Sadr for example. Ring his little ghetto with armor, leaflet the place letting them know we are coming in and to surrender immediately or die with a 12 hour time period, and then go in guns blazing. Fight. To. Win. I’ve lamented the fact that we are making war as if it were a sporting event before. I would wager that the American Electorate would rally to an all out assault on the barbarians in Iraq. There will be some to claim atrocities here and there…sometimes they may well be right. We have proven time and again that those involved in atrocities will be punished and we do so openly. Our version of “punishment” may not meet with the standards of Hammurabi and therefore will be disregarded by some of the people in Iraq as too light, but it’s what we do…the whole “cruel and unusual punishment” thing isn’t something Americans do.

The other option is to, as the President has said, “Stay the Course”. We continue supporting the fledgling Iraqi government while they work through the pitfalls of democratic government. We show unwavering support to the Iraqi people and actively encourage them to take ownership in their process.

Senator Levin claims we should put more pressure on the Iraqi government by setting a draw down schedule. The good Senator seems to believe that our eventual total withdrawal from Iraq will force their government to get their act together. I disagree with him because even a declaration of such a policy will be met with more barbarian attacks, not less as he seems to think. Any type of withdrawal will be seen as a victory by the barbarians and will embolden them to try the same gameplan elsewhere. Hitler conquered Europe after the world put on kid gloves when he took the Sudetenland. Had Europe stopped him then and there, the above casualty figures from D-day would be non-existent. Iraq is the battlefield for the War on Terror. If we walk off that battlefield, we lose.

Veterans Day

Friday, November 10th, 2006

What better way to remember the Veterans of our armed forces than to look at one in particular…because at the end of the day they are all pretty much just like Corporal Jason Dunham.

Every veteran I have ever known thought themselves pretty normal.  Not brave or courageous.  Just a normal guy who joined up.  Whether these guys sat behind a desk fulfilling supply orders, processing leave requests, and issuing paychecks or they are mounting up in their Apaches, Abrams, or Strykers they all seem to be pretty laid back guys.  Corporal Dunham may well have been one of these laid back types or perhaps he was a John Wayne style Marine.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that on April 14, 2004 Corporal Dunham did what good Marines do…looked after his Marines.

A Navy Doctor who attended the Corporal soon after he was wounded wrote home just prior to rotating out of Iraq.  It was a list of the Good and the Bad of her experiences.  I don’t know if she had an inkling of what would come of the action that led her patient to her hospital but she lists “Holding the hand of that dying Marine” at the top of both lists.
Today the good Corporal got a birthday present from the President of the United States and a proud Nation.

Every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine is to be honored.  Buy them lunch.  Send care packages.  Join Soldier’s Angels and bring some cheer to these people.  They are the brave and rough men and women who stand ready to do violence on our behalf.
Corporal Dunham is now in the hallowed halls of CMH winners.  Check here for his citation once it is available.

God Speed Corporal!

It’s time to wake up

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Yeah, I’ve been quiet for a long long time.  I stopped posting because I just didn’t see the point anymore.  We were and are winning in Iraq and around the world.  The legacy media will do whatever they can to thwart our best efforts and the folks on the far FAR end of the spectrum from me will join right into that party.  The two sides of America were and are deeply entrenched and the middle was left to choose.

Tuesday they chose.  The Democrats have won the House and the Senate.  Congratulations folks, this was an election you certainly earned and richly deserved.  Now all the politicos in DC are talking conciliation and friendly lunch dates.  I hope it’s all real and not another attempt to placate an electorate far more in tune with reality than they are.

Tonight I literally stumbled upon Bill Whittle’s post linked from Op-For. He’s dead on, as usual.  I think alot of folks have taken to the sidelines, leaving the rhetorical heavy lifting to the milblogs, well known talking heads, and the blog elite.  Well folks, it’s time to step back into the game.  The GOP was kind enough to screw itself while the Democrats busted their butts and acted like the Americans they are.  As Conservatives we sat back and defended the actions of some of these people while trying to explain away how a known sexual predator was allowed to continue his hunt while the leadership in the house was well aware of the situation.  The Democrats certainly won this election through their own hard work.  We, however, were not in the game to win and so…we lost to a dedicated and energized opponent.

Bill finishes his amazing piece with this:

As for me, I pledge to re-enter the fight with more energy, not less, and to continue to try to make the case I think needs to be made. I’ll start on that tomorrow.
“Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” — Winston Churchill

Welcome to the process of exhausting all other possibilities. This is where we separate the men from the boys. Pick a line and stand in it.

So…I’m in.  Are you?