Veterans Day

Posted by on November 10, 2006

What better way to remember the Veterans of our armed forces than to look at one in particular…because at the end of the day they are all pretty much just like Corporal Jason Dunham.

Every veteran I have ever known thought themselves pretty normal.  Not brave or courageous.  Just a normal guy who joined up.  Whether these guys sat behind a desk fulfilling supply orders, processing leave requests, and issuing paychecks or they are mounting up in their Apaches, Abrams, or Strykers they all seem to be pretty laid back guys.  Corporal Dunham may well have been one of these laid back types or perhaps he was a John Wayne style Marine.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that on April 14, 2004 Corporal Dunham did what good Marines do…looked after his Marines.

A Navy Doctor who attended the Corporal soon after he was wounded wrote home just prior to rotating out of Iraq.  It was a list of the Good and the Bad of her experiences.  I don’t know if she had an inkling of what would come of the action that led her patient to her hospital but she lists “Holding the hand of that dying Marine” at the top of both lists.
Today the good Corporal got a birthday present from the President of the United States and a proud Nation.

Every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine is to be honored.  Buy them lunch.  Send care packages.  Join Soldier’s Angels and bring some cheer to these people.  They are the brave and rough men and women who stand ready to do violence on our behalf.
Corporal Dunham is now in the hallowed halls of CMH winners.  Check here for his citation once it is available.

God Speed Corporal!

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  1. SingleMind.Net: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!!! Says:

    Semper Fi, Cpl Jason Dunham…

    11/11/2006: Marine Cpl Jason Dunham–who saved the lives of the men in his unit by falling on a grenade, covering it with his helmet, thus costing him his life–will posthumously receive the Medal of Honor.
    The story of his heroic act was fea…

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