House Republican Boo-Hooing

Posted by on January 2, 2007

What a pathetic display of leadership THIS is!  Yeah, I know it’s probably someone’s idea of a “tit for tat” routine but it was pathetic in June of 2006 and it’s just as pathetic six months later.  Doesn’t matter who is suggesting it or what party they are from.

Am I the only serious, principle driven Republican left in the country?  Yes, the country is looking for a change.  As I said here, that “change” has probably more to do with the Iraq operation than anything else but still we shouldn’t second guess the election results.  The electorate out there decided they wanted a Democrat controlled House and that’s what we have.  Begging for stuff from the new majority does not suggest strength.  Demanding for “rights” from the new majority does not suggest strength.  No, on the contrary, it implies that those rights were somehow taken away and it implies the child like behavior of “MOMMY!  MAKE THEM PLAY NICE!”.

Mr. McHenry, Mr. Cantor, and Dr. Price, you may think this is a cute play on your part but you embarrass the party with your pre-adolescent behavior.  Suck it up boys.  Be the leaders you were elected to be or go home and choose your replacements from the local daycare.

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One Response to “House Republican Boo-Hooing”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    They should have a nice big cup of STFU and start standing for things that matter.

    Then trust the voters to decide who the real leaders are.

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