She doth protest to little

Posted by on January 18, 2007

Speaker Pelosi in an interview with ABC says:

The president knows that because the troops are in harm’s way, that we won’t cut off the resources. That’s why he’s moving so quickly to put them in harm’s way.

But we will hold the president accountable. He has to answer for his war.

while the Senate ponders a non-binding resolution that would wag their finger and scold the President in his attempt to win the Battle for Iraq.

This is illustrative of the difference between the two ideologies. Conservatives see “Right and Wrong” and know that Right will always be Right and Wrong will always be Wrong. Progressives see “Right and Wrong” and know that “and” is in the middle and that’s about it. They declare in this resolution that the “Surge” is the wrong thing to do but they are willing to pay for it anyway. If it’s the wrong thing to do then why fund it? Why throw good money after bad? Oh wait…they’ve been doing that for years with other things so why should we expect anything different now.

Show some principled leadership Ms. Speaker. If you sincerely believe we have lost in Iraq then you simply must stop the funding. Otherwise you are simply paying our troops to die for nothing…right? If, on the other hand, you are not sincere in your belief that we have lost in Iraq then you are playing politics with the lives of millions of Iraqis along with the 20,000 troops you are sending to Iraq.

From where I’m sitting, the Resolution in the Senate is a comfort to the barbarians in Iraq. It tells them that the Congress COULD pull the plug on the whole thing and all they need to do is hold out a while longer. Meanwhile our troops are headed over there wondering, “How long until we have to run out of here with our tails between our legs because our own side cut and ran on us?”. The only thing the new Congressional Leadership can offer on Iraq are empty resolutions and threats of impending action against the President. They have no offers of strategy that could lead to victory. Ms. Speaker? Majority Leader Reid? It’s okay to say “I don’t know” if you don’t have a strategy for Victory. When someone comes up with a possible plan and you have nothing to offer…no suggested changes…no REASONS why it won’t work…NOTHING TO OFFER except a condemnation of the plan…you don’t have much in the way of credibility. You will no doubt say that the President has no credibility either but how does that change the situation? He has a plan which matches the numbers General Petraeus laid out in his Counter Insurgency manual exactly and the good General is even leading the effort. Why will this NOT work?

Okay fine…you just have a hunch it won’t work. I’m good with using your intuition on things. Instead of condemning the President for the plan, why not state loud and clear that while you disagree with this approach and the initial decision to take down Saddam, that you stand 100% behind our effort and will see it through to victory? I’m sure one of your favorite blogs have the number of American dead proudly displayed somewhere…should be somewhere around 3,000 right now. Congressman Kucinich has said:

These are the elements of the Kucinich Plan:

1. The US announces it will end the occupation, close military bases and withdraw. The insurgency has been fueled by the occupation and the prospect of a long-term presence as indicated by the building of permanent bases. A US declaration of an intention to withdraw troops and close bases will help dampen the insurgency which has been inspired to resist colonization and fight invaders and those who have supported US policy. Furthermore this will provide an opening where parties within Iraq and in the region can set the stage for negotiations towards peaceful settlement.

He is prepared to bring them all home. What does that mean for the 3000 that were killed there? What exactly did they give their last full measure for? A buddy of mine has said that a there isn’t anything in Iraq worth a single American life and that seems to be the Congressman’s position as well. At least he is honest about it. What about you Speaker Pelosi? Majority Leader Reid? Is the future of the children of Iraq worth 3,000 American lives? What could possibly be worth the lives of 360,222 Americans then? Could the answer be below the fold?

as I said here:

For those lives approximately 3,950,528 people of african ancestry were liberated. I ask you, dear reader, were those lives worth it?

Freedom for anyone isn’t free. I suggest we give this “surge” a shot. We owe our dead the effort…we owe the Iraqi people the effort.

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One Response to “She doth protest to little”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    If Pelosi and the others in Congress are so convinced that we must get out of Iraq, and that stepping up the troop levels is so wrong, then let them put their money where their mouth is: invoke the War Powers Act of 1973, which authorizes Congress to yank the troops in the absence of a declaration of war.

    Until then, they need to drink a nice big cup of STFU.

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