Vista has improved security!…or something

Posted by on February 1, 2007

You just gotta love this.  All the ranting and raving about how great Vista is going to be has covered the industry rags for the last year and a half.  I’m sure that great strides have been taken to clean up the mess.  SecurityFocus ran an article earlier this week claiming “Vista raises the bar for flaw finders” touting the new OS.  This quote caught my eye:

“None of the features in Windows Vista, either individually or together, are meant to be bulletproof,” said Stephen Toulouse, senior product manager for Microsoft’s Security Technology Unit. “But the defense-in-depth will significantly raise the security level compared to Windows XP.”

It’s great that they recognize that the bad guys will certainly find holes somewhere.  Time is always on the attackers side.  Defense in Depth is the SOP for all security practices and Vista has gone along way to that end over it’s predecessor. So just when you think the boys and girls in Redmond are on the ball, this breaks on the DailyDave list yesterday from George Ou:

“I recorded a sound file that would engage speech command on Vista, then engaged the start button, and then I asked for the command prompt.  When I played back the sound file with the speakers turned up loud, it actually engaged the speech command system and fired up the start menu.  I had to try a few more times to get the audio recording quality high enough to get the exact commands I wanted but the shocking thing is that it worked!”

So LITERALLY right out of the box Vista is saying, quoting SecurityFocus, “PC, root thyself!”

I love it when a plan comes together.

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