Somethings just won’t change

Posted by on February 2, 2007

After the elections in November when the Democrats reclaimed Congress I made a pledge on this blog that all labels I had slapped on individuals and organizations within the US were withdrawn. One of those labels was placed on the NY Times newspaper for their continual leaks, misrepresentation of soldier’s final words, and outright political activism. I called them the New York Crimes. After the election, in the spirit of recognizing the change in the country, I wiped the slate clean of any real or perceived injustices by the New York Times.

Today I replace the title of NEW YORK CRIMES on this rag. Michelle Malkin first brought my attention to a video on the Crimes website containing the final moments of Army Staff Sgt. Hector Leija . The Crimes posted the article before DOD could notify the Sergeants family which violated their “embed” rules. Michelle, of course, covered this extremely well so check her site for the details. The Crimes claimed they were all torn up about posting this before the family was notified on Wednesday and that they would write a letter to the family expressing their “concern and sympathy” or some such tripe as that. That was wednesday. Michelle has a screen cap of the video, still available, as of Thursday morning. Here’s this cap from just a few minutes ago… (read on at your peril)

Bastards.  You don’t like the war?  Fine, you have every right to rant and rave all you want on that front.  Hate the troops?  Not so fine but you still have the right to accuse them of rape and murder without any charges being levied against them from the UCMJ even while they preserve that same right for you.  Hate the country?  Of course you do…no surprise there…but where is your common decency?  You have none.  You are worse than the barbarians we fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and who knows where else.  You are traitorous, heartless, wastes of human flesh.  You not only hate the country, her troops, and our President but now you have sunk to the point where you are willing to put the parents of the troops through hell by showing the world their son was KIA.  Nice…real nice.  I would burn your paper but that would mean I’d have to buy it and the thought sickens me.

Rest assured, your actions will not go without a response.  We, those of us who actually believe in America, will do everything we can possibly and legally do to see that rat hole on 43rd Street replaced by ANYTHING other than a haven for such garbage as it’s current inhabitants.

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