Domestic Enemies

Posted by on February 17, 2007

While I’m not altogether surprised, it still climbs right up under my skin. The House passed this useless piece of trash condemning the mission in Iraq. Even though many of them voted for the mission in the first place.

I’m just so tired of the same old garbage being kicked around by the Democrat party. They apparently have no plan for Victory and are willing to run away when things get tough. They talk about the lies told by the President. They talk about fighting “the real enemy”. They talk about the “civil war” in Iraq. They don’t come out and say that our military is incapable of winning this war…oh but wait…they do:

In my judgment, this war is beyond the scope of our men and women in uniform. The situation in Iraq is in dire need of a diplomatic solution. Sure, we need to be ready to take down al Qaeda training camps in the region, but we do not need to be refereeing age-old religious disputes.

THOMAS [Page: H1645] [Time 21:00]

Who said that? To my shame, it is my very own Congressman Ben Chandler(KY-6). Congressman, do you really mean to say that our military cannot win this fight? Do you actually mean to say that our military is incapable of defeating the barbarians? Do you honestly think that our men and women in uniform are weaker than the barbarians? Mr. Chandler, you have a strong family name in our Commonwealth. AB Chandler was a great Kentucky Governor. I fear you are casting shame upon your grandfather’s name by these words and your vote in support of this resolution.

Thankfully, we in Kentucky have someone who believes our military *IS* stronger than the barbarians. Ron Lewis(KY-2) spoke strongly against the Defeat Resolution.

[pre-emptive update: Dianne Feinstein just called for a deadline of the initial Iraq invasion. Calling for a deadline where the President would have to come back to Congress for further activity in the country. Good Lord, we are heading to hell in a handbasket because of these people]

Mr. Lewis said in part:

Mr. Speaker, if we cut and run, if we retreat from Iraq , we will forfeit our ability to lead the world against the enemies of peace. Iraq , in all likelihood, would fall to Iranian dominance and would become a launching pad for terror attacks against the United States and Israel. Islamic jihadists will be emboldened in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the greater Middle East. The world oil supply could be vulnerable to jihadist control, and nuclear armed missiles in Pakistan could turn into a hellish nightmare.

And Israel, Mr. Speaker, one of our closest and most faithful allies, could see its very existence perilously close to total annihilation. World War III could even be the final consequence of the misguided actions of this Congress if we retreat from Iraq . But sadly, Mr. Speaker, there are some in this Congress who are more concerned about the next election than the next generation.

Thomas [Page: H1764]

That is the bottom line on a couple fronts.  First, walking away from the fight in Iraq would certainly lead to an Iranian dominated state.  Jordan would then be in the cross hairs of Iran as they continued to spread their “revolution” across the Middle East and the world.  Second, this whole useless debate on this useless resolution was about 2008 and the elections in our country.  We have a bunch of people more willing to allow the deaths of untold thousands of people just to get reelected.

It appears as I write this the Senate is working on passing the same Surrender and Get Elected resolution.  God help us.

The roll call for the House vote will follow shortly.

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