The enemy is in our backyard

Posted by on March 8, 2007

This seems like small potatoes on the surface. An enlisted squid sending some classified “secret” information across the wires to the barbarians. It’s not UBL and it’s not AQI related. In fact, this article is probably the last we’ll hear about it.


It shouldn’t be that way. The public needs to understand why this is such a threat and I fear they won’t because Mr. Abujihaad isn’t a drug soaked, washed up, tramp who has no idea who the father of her children are. No…Mr. Abujihaad is a former member of our Armed Forces who is lending direct support to the barbarians. Here’s hoping he’s still in the reserves or something so the UCMJ might be used. Bust his butt.

Habeas Corpus remains overrated

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