Tubby who?

Posted by on March 22, 2007

I really don’t care about Mr. Smith or where he chooses to ply his trade. I’m sure Wildcat Nation will cheer his departure and expect immediate undefeated seasons from his successor. If there’s a successor…but that’s a bit much to hope for I guess.

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3 Responses to “Tubby who?”

  1. Taylor Says:

    what! you don’t care?!? i thought that was a requirement to live here, let alone work for the state. 🙂

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Uh huh. I played in a card game tonight and everyone was talking about this fiasco. I’m normally quiet at the poker table, no really, so my lack of participation didn’t raise any eyebrows. My eye rolling did however.

    The boys were not impressed with my explanation but that’s fine.

  3. SingleMind Says:

    Tubby Smith is a far better coach and human being than UK fans deserve. When he was winning, they bitched and moaned that “Tubby Smith’s teams aren’t as exciting as Pitino’s teams were..”

    This year, Tubby had a better season than Coach K (Duke), Lute Olson (Arizona), Jim Boeheim (Syracuse), Bobby Knight (Texas Tech), Tom Izzo (Michigan State), and Jim Calhoun (UConn). His team fared no worse than Louisville, as both were defeated in the second round of the NCAA.

    In fact, UK slaughtered Louisville when they played this season.

    But we would not expect UK fans to think rationally. That would be asking too much.

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