Pat Dollard gets it

Posted by on March 24, 2007

Pat Dollard speaks truth to power in his latest missive.

Folks like Olberman and Matthews(the rest of the list is too long to mention here) are DEFINITELY contributing to our own dead and wounded. THEY are absolutely partly responsible for the continuing attacks on our men and women in uniform. For every tick of their beloved Butcher’s Bill another drop of American blood splashes on their well worn treasonous hands. How they sleep at night amazes me. Well, no it doesn’t. They are in league with the barbarians. They are the leaders of the American Dimam. They actively work toward the deaths of the American Soldier.

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2 Responses to “Pat Dollard gets it”

  1. john Says:

    So do you my btother. Do you remember raping that dirl when you were in 3rd grade. We are waiting for you. Everything you toch will turn black.


  2. pilgrim Says:

    hehehe…nice. No slamming the content of my post. No name calling even. Just an empty threat and a slander of my character. Real nice.

    Oh…that IP address is from Qwest Communications somewhere in Denver Colorado. I guess I’ll have to send this threat to them and let them sort it out.

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