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Posted by on March 27, 2007

In Saturday’s Lexington fishwrap Mike Inman dropped a bit of a bombshell on Governor Fletcher and the folks at COT. Colonel Inman drops two bombs of note. First, let’s look at the email review thing:

Part-way through his tenure, Inman learned that the state had a written policy outlining procedures for properly reviewing employee’s e-mails — “a policy that, as soon as I read it, I realized it was regularly violated,” he said.

Officials were required to fill out a form to view subordinates’ messages.

“I would often find out about this when Mark Rutledge would brag to me about something he found in somebody’s e-mail,” Inman said, noting that often, no forms approving such searches were submitted.

There is no presumption of privacy in any business. Government is different in only one way, that is the Government cannot discipline strictly based on political content. That is the definition of Censorship. If there was no official request from an agency and no Court Ordered review, then what is Mr. Rutledge doing perusing email accounts? If he was perusing email accounts, who’s email accounts was he looking at and why? Talk about a chilling effect on government and it’s employees!

Now, let’s have a look at the whole blog blocking thing…

Last summer, the administration blocked state workers from viewing that blog and others, prompting Nickolas to file a federal lawsuit.

Inman said he first heard about the move when Rutledge bragged to him, “Well, we finally blocked”

“He said, ‘It’s perfectly legal.’ He got defensive about it, and said, ‘Well they wouldn’t ever know we did it because we hid it in a bunch of other stuff,'” Inman recalled Rutledge saying. “I said, ‘There will be a lawsuit about this.'”

Inman said he later told Farris about his concern about a lawsuit.

“We’ll probably win because you can do this, but I will tell you what you’re doing is wrong politically and will hurt the governor,” Inman said he told Farris.

I was made aware that this blog was blocked shortly before 8am on June 21, 2006. I had posted five articles critical of Kentucky Republicans and the Fletcher administration at that time. With the comments from Colonel Inman I have to wonder if my blog as blocked due to political content like Mark. What a friggin mess…

“That’s fact, and I’ll raise my hand and swear to that under oath,” Inman said.

You got that right Colonel. It was wrong politically and it did hurt the Governor. The reasons put forth by COT staff was woefully in adequate in this case which made THEM look bad as well. The rank and file at COT are great folks who do an incredible job for far less pay than they could otherwise make in the private sector. For them to be used in this manner is shameful. If Colonel Inman is telling the truth, Mr. Rutledge should have some serious questions put to him and the Governor should be impeached with malice and much fanfare.

Original posting on this issue here.

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