Great Britain should act like GREAT FRIGGIN BRITAIN

Posted by on March 29, 2007

Mark Steyn writes about this mess with Iran today and includes an interview Hugh Hewitt did with Newt recently where Newt says:

But frankly, if you’d prefer to show the planet that you’re tiny and we’re not, we’re prepared to simply cut off your economy, and allow you to go back to walking and using oxen to pull carts, because you will have no gasoline left.

Steyn says “A great power is as great as its credibility” and that is very very true. Credibility is all about making the other guy know you are going to follow through with something. Whether that follow through is a good thing or a bad thing is immaterial. They simply must know that you are willing to do what you say you will do…and sometimes do what you never even implied you would do. Credibility in the affairs of state is roughly the equivalent of stark terror in the alley behind the biker bar. Your enemies will run over you if they think they can. If they FEAR YOU or RESPECT YOU or see your country as “credible”, then your enemies are less likely to do anything to you, your toys, or your people on those toys. Smash and many other American Sailors have spent a good amount of time around the waters where the British Sailors were captured. Not once have we heard of an American being captured by the Iranian “navy”. Why? Because the Mullahs and Imanutjob over there know full well it wouldn’t end well for them. The Brits have become weak in the eyes of the barbarians. Imanutjob and the Mullahs…(sounds like a band name)…do not fear the British Navy like they should.

Meanwhile, Blair trots off to the UN with his hat in his hand hoping that they are going to issue a grand statement of…what was the word…oh yes…”condemnation”. The UN weenies will trot that off to the Iranian delegation and the Iranian delegation will wipe their butts with it.

I understand that, in these days, you have to waste your time at the UN in times such as these. If you don’t your action will be declared “illegal” and you will get your own bit of UN imprinted toilet paper. Seeing that for what it is, I have to ask “Why?”. Iran has committed an act of War that has been recognized as such since Navies have been around. A great power is as great as its credibility. Greatness comes from actions. Blair has to act on this and I don’t mean pushing paper around a desk with the pedophile and rapist protectors at the UN.

In the larger view, we(the civilized nations of the world) continue to treat the barbarians as rationale people and they simply are not. The only thing they understand is Pride and Power. Hurt their pride and they respond with power. Crush their power and they scream out in pride. That’s all they understand. Going to the UN, working with a certain “scandinavian” country to serve as intermediary, and calling for direct “talks” to recover these sailors is a sign of weakness to the barbarians. Show them weakness…they show us power. Blair called for the UN to condemn these actions…Imanutjob calls off releasing the female sailor. Drop in a few Royal Commandos to take out their Gasoline refinery as Newt suggests and they will scream out in pride something like, “What that? It’s a fleshwound! come back and I’ll bite your legs off!”. I’ll take listening to their pride. It’s getting harder and harder to stomach the power that we FREELY and seemingly EAGERLY give them.

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