Britain deals with devil

Posted by on March 31, 2007

This is depressing. I really thought the Brits would have the stones to deal with this the proper way which is try some diplomatic approaches, then set a time when the captured sailors and Marines should be released and announce that bad things will happen if such time passes and said sailors and Marines are not released. That is the proper way to deal with this. As I’ve said in the blog before, they only understand Pride and Power. Weakness is an invitation to their power.

If this plan unfolds we’ll see a more strident Iran in southern Iraq. They know the Brits are leaving and they know they will not exercise their power. Therefore, Iran being full of Pride, will use it’s Power.

Expect to see much more Iranian influence in the south in the form of Mahdi Army folks slaughtering the Sunni population en mass. IA folks will attempt to respond followed by American folks. In the end, there will be a major fight for Basra and the port cities in the south.

In Iraq, he who controls the Oil controls the Country. With the British pullout from a, until now, peaceful southern Iraq combined with this deal with the devil they are basically handing control of the Iraqi oil fields to the proxy of Iran, the Mahdi Army.

Here’s hoping I’m way off base here.

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