Another call to Fight to Win

Posted by on April 2, 2007

Back in November I wrote this. I’ve heard many a Military folks make the same call and here’s another one.

DOD and the Whitehouse need to make a decision. Declare Defeat and come home or fight to win this war. Kill the enemy and break his toys. War is not a weekend at the Country Club. We stopped fighting “The Gentleman’s War” in 1863. Sherman first introduced the concept of “Total War” with his plans for the March to the Sea after the fall of Vicksburg. War is won by demoralizing the enemy. Lasting allies are made by first demoralizing and, yes, humiliating enemies and then helping them to rebuild. War is NOT won by being overly concerned with how the media represents your war.

Again, Habeus Corpus is overrated.

Fight to win.

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