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Posted by on April 4, 2007

Just received the below written by a buddy of mine. He’s a retired Squid…I think some senior NCO type. I wanna say Master Chief…Charlie feel free to correct me.

Anyway, he stumbled across this piece of tripe from EJ Dionne in the local fishwrap and just about come unglued.

So without further commentary…Charlie you have the post…

Sometimes I see something in the newspaper, or hear something on the radio or TV that makes me realize just how ignorant many people, including our elected officials, are concerning how this country was designed to run. The Louisville Courier-Journal proudly noted that Maryland is “poised to become the first state to allow its electoral votes to go to the winner of the national vote” rather than to the candidate that won the most votes in the state. That’s odd… in the U.S. Constitution the electoral college selects the president – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A NATIONAL VOTE! The electoral college was designed to allow the states (as a whole) to elect the head of the nation. These United States, contrary to some beliefs, is not a pure democracy – it is a Republic. I cast my vote for the president in the Commonwealth of Kentucky – my local county clerk counts the votes, and then it is reported to the state legislature. As a courtesy the official vote is then released to the public as a whole. There is no Federal entity that collects these votes and ensures that they are correct – that is the responsibility of each individual state. There is no Constitutionally mandated office to collect or certify a national vote, – the Electorial College, with its representatives from each of the states, makes the selection. For the first hundred or so years of the Union, the “National Vote” wasn’t even studied. Why bother, it had no importance in the outcome of the election, since the electoral votes, created by the citizens of each state, elected the president. There are those that would argue that we should eliminate the Electoral College and go with pure democracy, citing only those two occurences of when the Electoral College selected someone who had not won the majority of votes nation wide. However, this occurred three times – Lincoln did not receive a majority of popular vote – NO ONE DID IN 1860! He did, however, win the support of enough STATES to win the presidency. All Maryland is going to do is to disinfranchise its voters and hand the decision to the large states of New York, Illinois, and – gasp – the nuts in California. It is entirely possible that the citizens of the state of Maryland may prefer one candidate by a large amount, yet still have its electoral votes go to someone else. Think if we did have a “popular vote”. If the election was disputed, millions upon millions of votes would have to be recounted, in each and every county in each and every state. Our system was designed so that the local citizens could see their vote count, as well as ensure that one part of the nation did not dictate to the others purely on account of population. Telling your citizens that their vote will be decided by others is not making things more equitable. If the citizens of Maryland think seriously about the implications – they’ll seriously think of dumping the idiots who even considered messing up a system that has worked for over 200 years.

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