Republican Gaggle talk at South Carolinians

Posted by on May 15, 2007

I skipped the first part of this thing because I didn’t expect anything new in the discussion. One thing I wish I hadn’t missed is was Huckabee’s joke on Edwards. I’m sure HotAir will have video up at some point.

One thing that did trouble me was Ron Paul’s response to Wendel Goler about the 9/11 attacks. It seems that Mr. Paul believes that AQ hit us on 9/11 as retaliation…never mind the fact that they declared war on us YEARS prior to that. Mr. Paul later suggested, during the rhetorical situation Brit put to them, that we let UBL go in Afghanistan and we should be focused there rather than entertaining this hypothetical exercise. Sorry Amir…but Ron Paul, in my absolutely worthless opinion, is an idiot when it comes to foreign policy and this war. He has no understanding of what we are facing, no ability to grasp what is important versus what is urgent, and no right to even claim a ticket to the dance let alone want to dance with the Homecoming Queen. No sir. He shouldn’t even be on the same stage as Rudy who slapped him upside the head.

Honestly…I see no point in these debates at this time. It’s just too early and offers the candidates an excellent opportunity to stick their feet squarely into their mouths to the knee. Boys, I hope you TIVO’d these two debates because if you deviate from ANYTHING you’ve said, it will be all over the broadcast, cable, and newspapers for a week.

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