Al Queda searching for a home…

Posted by on May 24, 2007

First, it was Sudan. When the ruler there tried to put a knife in UBL’s back he fled to Afghanistan. He hit us on 9/11 and by the end of the year he was out of Afghanistan and into Pakistan. Then Iraq happened and he thought he might be able to sneak into that country and get something started. He setup himself up in Baghdad and after a couple of attempts…slowed mostly by the US Congress and the New York Times…the US Military disrupted him enough that he had to move to Al Anbar province. Al Anbar is pretty much full of sand and a few people scattered about. Perfect for Sharia Law enforced at the point of a Kalashnikov rifle. Unfortunately for Al Queda the natives of Al Anbar didn’t care much for them or their silly law and sent them packing. About the time it became clear that Al Anbar wasn’t going to pan out we hear of a cell trying to get established in Tripoli Lebanon. Again, the natives aren’t too impressed and as I write this I watch the Lebanese Army pound the crap out of the Palestinian “refugee” camp in Tripoli where Al Queda has hidden.

Looks like UBL and his buddies are having a hard time establishing their Caliphate even among their own kind! I’m sure the New York Crimes will find some atrocity committed by the Lebanese Army against the poor innocent Al Queda kids and the UN will have to intervene.

Pat Dollard hits on the same topic…as always he’s a must read.

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