Amnesty Bill just might die in the Senate

Posted by on June 7, 2007

Glad to see Senator McConnell now voting on the right side of this issue. After several emails and several more phone calls to his office threatening my support for him if he doesn’t come around…I guess I wasn’t alone.

Senator…I’m still with ya but…as Minority Leader I fully expect you to get your cats well herded up such that they all stand for Sovereignty over Amnesty. We MUST uphold the rule of law and this bill simply doesn’t do that. Bring your cats together or at least make it very public that you are holding folks accountable for their votes…otherwise you go on the bubble for your next Senate run. Ann Northrup will probably run against you in the primary if you do not stand up for the rule of law on this bill. If she does, and you do not, I will support her.

I’m not sure who will run against you on the Democrat side but I suspect Ben Chandler will give it a go. Ben served Kentucky well as Attorney General but I fear that he has drank the Kool Aide of the DNC crowd.

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